Friday, May 6, 2011

Animal Wednesday - videos and more

I hope you can all see it - what a good giggle!!

A Dog Story:

Background - I'm subtly working on DH for another dog. Haven't made much headway but I'm still working on it. I think he's thawing out a tiny bit on the idea - at least that was what I felt - I was encouraged!

We got to my mom's house on Sat night and met Scruffy (Sir Scrufulos - my name for the funny little guy) - and he is a well behaved sweet dog. My cousin came over with her puppy - a 9 month old poodle cross - cute also but puppy like. The puppy, Sammy, was very active and excited to be around all new people and another dog. He charged around the house, ate Scruffy's food and in general acted like a pup. The, in true dog fashion, he felt sick from all the food and excitement, so he got up....walked over to where my DH was making a sandwich.....scrunched down next to him and threw up at his feet.

What an offering. Right to the person in the house that is not a true dog fan.

DH was kinda yuck about the whole thing. Thank goodness he missed the part where Sammy pooped at the front door, on the lovely clean wood floor.

Here is Scruffy - really kinda cute and pretty smart....

grrr - I am posting this from a PC and it won't let me put my mr linky in here - grrrr. And if there are spacing problems - blame the PC again - I'm getting MAC addicted.

have a happy Animal Wednesday!!!


Lynn said...

Your video made me smile.
Your mom's puppy is very very cute!
The dog puking? Well, I am sure I'd feel just as your DH did. Yuck!
Not funny.
I would imagine there needs to be a decent amount of time past that experience before he's going to kick in for you getting a puppy any time soon. But wishing you luck!
HAW!!! (tomorrow!)

Robin said...

Luv the reminds me of Bofie...(my Chocolate Lab)....Scruffy is a cutie!

I am saying a little prayer your DH melts - and you get a doggie!!!

Look out for the Gators and those huge bugs while you are "down South"!

Love and HAW,

♥ Robin ♥

Baino said...

Aww you know he's yours . . go for it

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is just as well that the puppy initiated your DH. That way he won't be too disgusted when you get your dog. I have no doubt you will eventually have a dog. HAW.

sukipoet said...

cute video. and fun story. I am not not a dog fan, but on the other hand I could probably never have a dog. too much work. give me an independant cat any day.

marianne said...

The video was funny and I had to laugh even more about your story.
My DH is just the same, not really a big fan of all the animals here in the house and allergic to yuck.
One advice: Just take a dog , don't wait until he agrees or offers you one, because than you can wait a long time.
He will turn around dear.......
If he loves you he wants to see you happy,
Love that scruffy!

Happy animal Wednesday!

kj said...

work hard, mim. a dog is in your future :^)