Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animal Wednesday - not for the squeamish!

Finally - an Animal Wednesday that I am doing on time - seems like forever.

I saw these geese while bike riding the other day - just standing around in a field, looking around. Hello geese - what's on the agenda for today?

I've shown this Osprey nest many times, but this time I could see a blob of a bird sitting on a tree limb (I'm shortsighted). I couldn't really see what he was doing but figured it might be something interesting, so took pictures and cropped them when I got home. Very interesting - it appeared that he/she was drying his or her wings - which I've only seen a cormorant do. We had had alot of rain that day, and with no roof on the nest, I'm sure that everyone got very wet - so taking advantage of the sun to dry out seems reasonable.

Now for the squeamish part - but interesting. When I was in CA, we took a long walk in Cambria (previous posting) and at one point were on streets near the ocean. Fisherman had just come out of their kayaks with this catch of Ling Cod - in AMAZING colors. I HAD to take pictures with my ipod - just look at the blue on that gorgeous (dead) fish.

Here are his gills - an amazing cranberry color against that blue. Have you ever seen anything like this?

I'm not a huge fan of showing dead animals for Animal Wednesday - but this was too amazing to keep to myself. Hope you are not offended!

Happy Animal Wednesday - I'm off for my early morning walk/run (more walk than run by about 90%)


sukipoet said...

i love love ospreys and their nests. in my novel i called the village where Damaris lived, Osprey.

the colors on the fish are amazing. thanks.

Lori ann said...

very cool seeing the drying osprey! hello geese (canadian?) and nice fish, it is really colorful and it looks huge!

PAK ART said...

I enjoyed your post! I do enjoy seeing the variety of wildlife and amazing colors in nature. I get a kick out of design too, such as scales on their bodies.

Lynn said...

Those fish are pure art! Amazing colors and design!

We too saw a huge next on a telephone pole top on our recent trip. I think it was a bald eagle!

My days are all a mess right now after long time away, I thought tomorrow was animal Weds. So count my grizzly bear I posted yesterday! LOL

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Osprey could also have been diving for fish. I have seen them do it several times. They have to dry after that little task too. I think all fish are interesting. Being land locked here I don't see many. Interesting colors for sure. HAW.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow amazing shots you got here. I love the color of that fish. and the bird sunning itself is a great shot. It's amazing what you can find being in the right place at the right time. :))

marianne said...

Great pictures!!!
And not offended Mim. These will be consumed . I have never seen blue cods before. Interesting with those gills. The dead fish almost look like ceramic.

Happy Animal Wednesday!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Strange, but beautiful colors!


soulbrush said...

Those colours are entirely amazing. HAW to you always. xxx
word veri: spityou (spit you???)

Robin said...

Your "squeamish" friend from SF went no further than the wonderful shot of the Osprey! But what fantastic photos! Love Geese!!!!!!

See....perseverence DOES win out in the end! I KNEW there had to be a resident "Osprey" "up there'!!!



♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

Cool post Mim! I thought the geese were going to get attacked. I'm glad I was wrong, but they do look like they're on high alert!

The fish colors are freakin' amazing! A future painting perhaps? Inspiration?


Teri C said...

Gosh those colors are show stoppers!
I have been in Cambria years ago. What a quant little town. Even have a sweatshirt with seals on it.


kj said...

this is my colorful nature lesson for today, mim. i too can't believe the colors of that fish.

geese mate for life. i wonder if these two go way back. :^)

i am reading this and wondering why ms. emily is not participating in animal wednesday. what's up with her?


Baino said...

We have 'ling' fillets here, I wonder if it's the same fish. I've never actually seen a whole one but the fillets are white and boneless and quite tasty. Definitely a blue water fishy there

Marion said...

Really super shots, Mim, I love the colours on the fish. It doesn't look quite real, almost like a ceramic figurine one might see in a gift shop. Unbelievable, so glad you took a photo...there's inspiration here!!xx

Katiejane said...

This IS amazing! And for a cod, at that!
Love that osprey! Cool photos.