Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Red Fox

What a time to NOT have my camera on me.  I was working in the garden early Saturday AM, and out of the corner of my eye saw some movement.  Thought it might be a cat, but I stayed still and peered sideways and saw a lovely healthy looking Red Fox trotting thru my yard.  These pics are from a web site but "my" fox had a more cheerful happy expression on his face - probably cause he just ate some of the neighbors chickens but oh well.  He stayed still for a few minutes, but so did I and finally he trotted off. 
 I'm hoping that he can take care of whatever is making this mondo hole under my shed - and most probably coming out to eat all my plants at night.  

This is the area where he was trotting thru - despite the open look, he blended so well.

As a bonus to the sighting - when I went out with my camera I found Fox Scat in my pansies.  I won't give you a close up - just take my word for it OK?

Happy Animal Wednesday!

PS - I have discovered that the hold under my shed is most probably a Fox Den now.  This means I just might be able to plant vegetables this!


Barbara/myth maker said...

A fox den, wow... carry your camera at all times!

Snowbrush said...

Does this mean that you don't live in the building in the photo at the top of your blog? I am so confused, but confusion happens, I guess, just more to some of us than to others.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh wow.. we have one around here. I have seen it before and our neighbors have an outdoor camera on their place and its been captured on it. I hope you don't have any pets loose outside. I missed a great shot of a Blue bird the other day. It came right up to my neighbor and I while she was digging weeds and we were landed really close and began chatting at us.. and no camera. arrgh. Must remember to keep it near by at all times. :))

Lisa at Greenbow said...

As I was reading this I thought maybe the fox had a den there. A friend of mine has a fox den in her garden. It works for everyone. HAW.

Annie said...

Wonderful. I love foxes!xoxo

kj said...

i have several holes like that in my yard, mim. chipmunks. i know they make my yard bumpy and my garden reckless, but one day i came home to find one sitting on my front stoop holding a cherry tomato and nibbling in ecstasy . i've been smitten with them ever since (even though i sometimes fill the holes)

i wish you so much fun in your yard! i plan to buy you sunflowers some time this summer :^)


Lynn said...

How pray tell does a fox den assure veggie garden luck? He won't eat them? Just the neighbors chickens. Hey, I hear chicken stir fry! LOL
Tell him to get one for your pot too.
HAW from me and Henry.

sukipoet said...

i've had a fox this spring trotting across the fields. hope the guy keeps your garden safe from varmints. Or is it varmets.

marianne said...

You will probably see him more around so have your camera with you at all times :)
What a great experience to see a fox so close and in real!
have a great weekend ♥

Katiejane said...

Ooo, a fox! How exciting! Hide the chickens!

Robin said...

Oh Mim... you had a magical Fox moment! I am still relishing my brief encounter a few months back....yes, keep your camera handy... they are a beautiful species...those wise faces...those red, bushy tails!!!

Ah, Monsieur Reynard!


♥ Robin ♥

Androw said...

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