Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rome and Animal Wednesday

 I love visiting Rome - who wouldn't?  But having my sister and brother-in-law live there makes it even more special to me.  I'm not living in a hotel, but staying in a city apartment in an area where people do their daily shopping, lean out the windows, drink coffee at the local cafe.  Every morning we'd go out for cappuccino, and cornetto (An Italian word for Croissant), and sit outside in the thin morning sunshine sipping coffee and waking up.

This is the view I have from my bedroom window - look at those perfect colors.

When we did decide to eat at home, we sat outside on their little terrace and basked in the sunshine at the table, with flowers all around us, green vines, geraniums and some lemon scented herb scenting the air. 

This is the view from their terrace, a beautiful nursery, with gorgeous large Terra Cotta pots.   To the left of this nursery is a Monastery that looks just huge and beautiful - and Rich. 

I didn't actually see these parrots but did hear some squawking - and Stef and Abdul have seen parrots many times on the trees outside their apartment and across the street from their house. 

We did some touring around - first to the tomb of the unknown soldier at Piazza Venezia - the building is also known as the Wedding Cake.   

When you wander around Rome you see these little shrines to Mary - this one was tucked in between two buildings, a tiny alcove.

Near to the Wedding Cake building we did a tour of a fairly new archaeological site - a villa that fell down in an earthquake in the year 187 AD.  Of course we had to go down about 50 feet to see the ruins, and then you walk on top of them - on a glass floor so that you can see everything.  It was absolutely wonderful, but I kept thinking a few things.  First - I'm walking on GLASS and it's nerve wracking. Second...if they had an earthquake now what would happen and Thirdly - archaeologists are brilliant to be able to clear all the earth and debris away and figure out what is going on down there.  

This is the building that was above the ruins, a government building that looks nothing like the government buildings that we have here.  

 And my earthquake fears? Well, I'm glad I wasn't in that subterranean dig on Sunday morning - let me tell you!!

As we were strolling thru the city we stopped in a tiny little leather store that appealed to both of us.  We didn't realize that the craftsman was world known for his bags and holsters.   I've saving my pennies for one of his bags - he is a true artist.

Last but not least, we went to an exhibition on Italian Immigrants to the New World.  It was a very interesting exhibit - and the most interesting thing that we saw....under glass...in an actual exhibit...was a 1912 copy of "Il Progresso" an Italian New York newspaper.  And there was an ad for Dr. Giuseppe Stella, Eye Doctor and my grandfather.  Stef and I were stunned...and my dad would have been so proud.   It was a wonderful thing to see, and we wondered how it came to be that that page was shown.

Darn Blogger won't let me add any more pictures - I'll have to save them for another time.

Happy Animal Wednesday


kj said...

Oh Mim. I just know I'm going to leave multiple comments on this post. The views and terrace leaves me speechless . And do happy for you

But that newspaper and dr Stella: oh my god, Mim

And you didn't know. I will never accept that as coincidence. Nope. Can't be

This mini time with your sister in Italy sounds like a world of good


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. that's amazing about the ad. Did they feel that Earthquake in Northern part of Italy? Lots of nice pix. Glad you got to visit your sister. HAW

~Babs said...

Fabulous fabulous, photos and post!
Oh, and Dr. Stella?
Talk about serendipity,,,wow!
Earthquakes,,,man, that idea does give one pause,,,whoa!

marianne said...

Wow Mim such gorgeous pictures of a perfect visit!
I want to see that handbag!!!!!
Next pictures?
And how cool to find the page turned on your page of family history!
Glad you had such a good and special time there!

kj said...

I am percolating the idea of a trip to Italy thanks to you and of course a visit to the Netherlands.

I have your little Italy watercolor and love it.

Honestly I could look at and her about Rome and Italy until the cows come home :-)

Robin said...

Oh, the *Golden Glow* that is the light over Italy.... it really is unique. You are so fortunate to have family there and can spend your Euros on HANDBAGS and SHOES rather than hotels! We are waiting to see those fabulous leather creations... what a great artist! I loved his video!

The Parrots are wonderful - they remind me of our SF Telegraph Hill ones.... they are a hardy little species!

I do believe in Fate...and find it uplifting to see your Family Name in a NY Paper *under glass* at an Italian Exhibition! Stupenda!

Your family's flat is so wonderful....the ambiance is so very different than ours in the States.... I fell in love with the *Italian Lifestyle* years ago...and always thought I could actually live there... I know you will be back for another visit! In the meantime, so happy you are home safely - and I look forward to more photos!

Ciao, Bella, Mim!

♥ Robin ♥

Teri Casper said...

And here I am being awed that you were even in Rome!! much less all the beautiful sights and experiences. AWESOME!!!


Lynn said...

Hey that first shot of that magnificent apartment complex is awesome. TEE HEE!!!

Love the grandpa article. ain't life mysterious and grand?

I could feel the warmth of sitting on the patio over coffee and buns.

How lovely for you to have been there...walking on glass...I'd have freaked!

Bon Journo...is that Italian or French? LOL Happy for you!!!!

sukipoet said...

gorgeous place for sure and that's just so amazing that your grandfather was mentioned in the newspaper!!

Katiejane said...

What a lovely place to visit, and especially to have family there! I could just sit on that balcony and soak up the sights all day. The light there looks so clear and crisp. That is so neat that your grandfather was mentioned in that paper and that it is on display. I'm sure you were bursting with pride. I can't wait to see more of your photos.

yoborobo said...

OH! I love Rome! I want to go back there...NOW! lol! And seeing your family name? I'm with KJ. There are forces at work! :) xox

Androw said...

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studio lolo said...

Wow!!!!! What beauty! I could feel the warm sun as I was sitting on the terrace with you :)

That's wild about walking on a glass floor over the ruins! And then there was that HUGE quake somewhere there that week. Were you there? I know it was a small hamlet not near Rome.

How absolutely COOL about your Grandfather's ad!!!! That's a "meant to be there" moment, for sure.

It sounds like the trip was just what the doctor ordered!


Amanda said...

oh my gosh, mim, how cool is that! to stumble upon that ad for your grandfather's business!! he would have been proud, to be so prominently displayed, at an exhibit back in his home country.

what a wonderful trip to bella italia.....more fotos please!