Friday, May 4, 2012

House chaos

We have carpets upstairs cause we couldn't afford all wood floors when we built the house.  They are warm in the winter but have to be cleaned occasionally.  For some reason I got ambitious and signed up the carpet guys to come and do EVERY ROOM. What was I thinking?  

I forgot the chaos that comes along with getting EVERYTHING off the floor.  This is my guest bedroom.  and all the junk on the bed was on the floor or a side table. Might be time to thin out a few things. 

And this is my nice clean hallway.  Now I can't do anything on it for 24 hours, like maybe I can tiptoe across but that's about it.

Don't know how we are going to hopscotch into bed, but we'll figure it out.

What a way to spend an afternoon off.  My mind works in mysterious ways.


~Babs said...

Aaaah, nothing feels/smells better than freshly cleaned carpet.
I love hardwoods,,,but actually prefer carpet in bedrooms, as they're just warmer/cozier to me.
Mr DH can carry you to bed, then there's only one set of prints traipsing across the carpet.
Good, huh?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh wow.. After our rainy Winter/Spring ours sure could use this. Send them here next. :) oh..We have junk on the floor too..maybe I better clean first. :))Enjoy the clean.. We will have to do it ourselves.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

PS..Guest rooms are for junk you don't know what to do with!!! :)

kj said...

oooh babs is clever...

this was chaos, right? more than you expected, right?

but now it's done and you can enjoy. after you put everything back, right?

i long to clean my desk. through away paper after paper with gleeful abandon....


soulbrush said...

But it sure looks sooo good now. I like the feel of new carpets, but the smell makes me quite ill- I would have to leave home for a week if I did this. A huge endeavour- but you are gonna love the results. Enjoy. My answer is: why even go to bed, stay where you are and cuddle LOL

Lynn said...

On tippy toes that's how! Enjoy clean!

Katiejane said...

Don't you just love that really clean feel?

Amanda said...

just did the carpet cleaning thing myself and completely forgot about all the — ughhhh - having to pick stuff off the floors before they come part!!

but yes, you are happy when it's all said and done. enjoy this product of your spring cleaning!