Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A weekend tale with unrelated pics...in a way

I've had a cold all week, and therefore decided that I couldn't go away this weekend as planned - too sneezy, snuffly and probably infectious.   But DH went anyway and it was the perfect opportunity for me to complete a task that has been bugging me to complete for weeks.  

I organized and cleaned.

I know that I've posted that I've done that before but this was Serious Work.   Let me describe it. 

My clothes closet was COMPLETELY emptied out, vacuumed and scrubbed out, ALL winter clothes got sorted to give away or put into those space bags for next year. Same with the spare room closet.  And the back hall closet, the front hall closet and the three attic spaces in the "bonus" room.  I found shoes that I had put in the attic for "safekeeping" - at least 5 years ago.  

I was ruthless with what I kept and what I gave away. Ruthless!  My closets now have some space between the hangers, and everything is organized.  In the pile of junque in the attic - I found that I had 8 carry on suitcases, some nice, some miserable looking.  Three are going to Goodwill, and the remaining ones are waiting for DH to come back to we can figure out which ones to keep.   I sorted yarn, and knitting patterns, and what to keep, and what to let go.  I am letting a lot go. I sorted out the holiday attic space, which is also where I keep our photo albums, and multitude of loose photos.

 Clearly I am looking to find something in all this struggling /cleaning - it's not just control and organization, but more of a needing to know exactly what is up in those nooks and crannies, and to eliminate as much excess as I can.  I want to think about starting afresh, and need to know exactly what I have and what I don't need.   I don't feel that I can think about starting a new chapter in my life unless I have the old one under "control" (hahaha - who is ever really in control?) 

I'm sore after 3 days of this, every joint aches, and my feet hurt.  But I also feel good about completing this task, I've been meaning to do it for years.  I still have a cold, and I'm glad that I didn't take a trip - although I did go to a cookout at a friends farm on Sunday.  We sat under giant maple trees with a gentle breeze keeping us cool - it was amazingly relaxing. 

I did find a few funny things - photo's that I had redeveloped  (must be 20 years ago that I found the negatives and had them reprinted)  of me at camp in upstate New York.  It was parents weekend, where your mom and dad came up for a visit and brought you goodies and then watched you do stuff.    I think I am about 8 years old - and it was 8 weeks away from home with only one visit from the family.  

Look at those knee socks. 

That's my mom in the background, with her white pants and white handbag.  I have no idea what is tied around my neck or waist - maybe a hat?

City girl goes country.  Oy. 

I also found a postcard that my folks had saved, which I must have written to them before they came up. It started out "Dear Mom and Dad - bring candy...."  

That was my weekend.  I feel a bit smug and every so satisfied that I have it done.  Now I feel that I can move onto another project - something that a dear friend is going to help me with - my family history cooking book.  

And more comics! 

I hope that you all had a good, satisfying, relaxing, remembering weekend. 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. I hope you get to feeling better. I have been sick for two weeks. UGH...

yoborobo said...

That's what I've been doing (minus the cold!). I am just tired of all the stuff. I want to go through it ALL and only keep what really matters. I've have donated bags and bags of stuff, and there is more to come! :) The pics of you at camp are adorable. You look so happy in them - I bet you were glad to see your parents that day! :) xox

sukipoet said...

Love the clearing out. so healthy for the psyche. I actually cleaned out my clothes a few years back and hardly ever buy new as I only buy used and there are no thrift stores up here. and I still find things to cull.

Hope your cold is better. love the camp photos and the post card just makes me laugh.

Lynn said...

Well I am impressed. What a great way to use "energy while sick?"
You got SO MUCH done! And you made so many unknown people happy with your cast offs!
Thinking about the carry ons in our closet and wondering why I keep any without wheels? Crazy!

Love the photos and memories from camp! You were quite the cowgirl!

I think you can feel very satisfied with your accomplished weekend.

I did go away and I did have fun; I also helped my kids move so I did some organizing for them!!! It's on my blog today!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh wow..Nice Job!!..my closets need doing too. Wanna come and help? NO? gee.. LOL
We did spend the weekend outside trying to control the weeds. Which is a joke really as they are really controlling us!!..bet your Hubby is pleasantly surprised at all the clearing out.

kj said...

"starting a new chapter in my life"

so that's what you're doing. good that you know. :^) and you so deserve a clean slate. you will paint it well, mim. i have no doubt.

i can hardly believe all that you've accomplished. clutter takes up space on the inside of a person as well as the outside of a space.


Robin said...

I'm late! Too much opera..plus Marianne's visit...

I LOVE the feeling of clean, clear closets.... ah, sigh...don't you feel great when you walk into one and see it neat and organised!!

I love those photos....hey - the shorts you are wearing (with the knee socks) are back in style! A-ha-ha!

I WANT your Mum's handbag....it is too cool!

Love the Horse shot...memories like these are so joyful!

Hope you are feeling 100% better!


♥ Robin ♥

Marion said...

I haven't got to the spare room closets yet...it made me feel so good to read this post, since it gives me the feeling of satisfaction without doing the work, haha..

I love clearing things out like this. It feels so much easier to breathe!

So glad you found those five year old shoes!!

You were some cute little 8 year old...xx

Amanda said...

there is something very satisfying about retrieving and preserving old photographs. i am about to make an album for my son's birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and am facing piles of photos myself - a bit intimidating.

what a cute girl in these images you are!!