Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Animal Wednesday - does the last pic count???

 This turkey was wandering around in the road, as I was on my way to my morning walk.  Of course, as soon as I got close, he gobbled away up someone's driveway.  Such odd birds they are!  Can you imagine if they had been our national bird instead of the eagle?  Benjamin Franklin voted for the turkey as the national bird - makes sense, but oh boy would we be taking grief for that now.

An early morning shot of the field beyond my walking area - they are ploughing and getting ready for summer planting, but there are a lot of tall weeds still growing, beautifully hazy in the early morning.

The track that I walk on surrounds a small recreational field in my town.  They have baseball diamonds, and two tennis courts.  Kids are constantly leaving things behind, and I like the way someone mounted this little hat waiting for it's owner to come back.   Isn't it cute?

Happy Animal Wednesday to you all!  Wednesday's are coming up so quickly these days - I keep missing them.  I'm taking a comic class on Monday nights and a digital art class on Wednesdays, so Tuesdays go by in a blur.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I often wonder what we would think now if the turkey had been our National Bird. Wild turkeys are SMART (feisty too....we have them around here) where as the white ones bred to eat have had the brains bred out of them.
Keeping further thoughts to myself...LOL!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

We had some Turkeys in our neighborhood not long ago. Was fun watching them but glad they moved on as they are so messy. :) Cute way of leaving someones gear. I hope to see some new Art work shown soon from these two classes.

PAK ART said...

How wonderful that you are getting to take those classes! I've been missing lots of blogging too. I'm trying to get back to a regular schedule but life is too busy at the moment. Love the little hat - so cute!

Lynn said...

We have a herd of turkeys in a yard down the road from us. When crossing one main cross street to ours the neighbor hood switches from suburb to rural. DH loves to drive down there and count the turkeys!

Happy Animal Wednesday.

Glad you are enjoying two classes! HOpe you'll be showing us more of the art you are making in them too!

Robin said...

Gobble Gobble! I love to look at Turkeys - (rather than eat them)...some of my friends who live North of me in Marin and Napa have them wandering about.....the down side is they ARE messy and love to jump on people's roofs and leave *souvineers*!

Love the Doggy Hat Photo... HAW!

Love and HAW!

♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

How funny. We have lots of wild turkeys and I've never noticed any mess. rather, i have collected a lot of turkey feathers.

your classes sound like fun.

kj said...

A digital art class? Hmmmm, I want to hear about it.

Isn't it true that turkeys drown in the rain because they don't put their heads down? Jeez

Suki, you find feathers. Very good.


Lori ann said...

hi mim! are you still coming? let me know! turkeys, hee hee.

Katiejane said...

You are always so busy with your classes! I hope you are getting very smart.
Not long ago I passes a field where there had to be at least two dozen wild turkeys! They are a weird bird. I'm happy we settled on the eagle.

~Babs said...

Love that last photo!
We had turkeys around at our old lakehouse area. Fun to watch. They sure took their time crossing the road, backing up traffic though. Weren't scared of the cars at all.
Hope you enjoy those classes!

studio lolo said...

remember turkey lurkey and chicken little? And henny penny? hahahaha!

I think all of the days are going by in a blur. And I'm so impressed you find the time to take classes!

HAW and hugs!