Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Animal Wednesday - on the river

This was a sunday filled with animals
 We went kayaking and saw our favorite osprey feeding her young - you could see her bobbing up and down giving them their fishy dinner.  When she was done, she screeched to the male - and you could almost hear her say "get some more, they're still hungry".  He flew off, came back about 1/2 hour later, then the pair huddled in a tree for awhile - apparently eating - then she went back and fed the chicks and then HE went in a fed them also.  Amazing and the communication was so apparent.

The river was filled with dragonflies today - this was one of many that perched on my leg, or arm or hair.
 I came upon this heron around a corner and surprised us both - so much so that I actually had time to get out my camera for a quick shot....
 ...before he flew away.

 And my all time favorite gals on this river - the bovine community.  There is a dairy farm right on the river and these youngsters are so funny and so curious.    They watched me drift in near the shore and got as close as they could without falling in.

This one was initially frightened of my kayak - but curiosity got the better of her. 

 and she came closer and closer

This one ignored me completely, she was too interested in having a scratch.  

Lovely Animal Wednesday to you all


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What GREAT shots you got. I love them all but that one of the Cow closeup looks like a Lolo painting. :) HAW.

Annie said...

I echo what Cris said. A wonderful post! xoxo

Lori ann said...

great paddle, animals and i see your dry bag!

marianne said...

What a lovely day this must have been. Young cows are so adorable.
Looks like you were paddling in Holland :)

Lynn said...

Such a fun the blue heron; and the conversations between spouses feeding their young. Cows always catch my attention, must be the big round soulful eyes.
HAW on Thurday

studio lolo said...

Funny that Cris said that because I want to paint them!

What a wonderful kayaking Sunday Mim. I think it's making your nasty bug flee ;)


kj said...

Mim, I am so glad that this is in your life. Could anything be calmer or more in touch? I have only kayaked on a lake a few times, but how I loved those dragonflies . And to come upon a heron I would be so so excited

And the baby cows. I don't know the word ' bovine' but your shots are precious!

I would like to kayak here ♥

Ps I am thinking about the wonderful time you will have. Please hug Lori xo


~Babs said...

How I love that beautiful bovine face!
I also love how you described the dutifully involved Osprey Dad.
Guys are just so much more 'hands on' with child rearing these days!

Dragonflies are just so awesome!