Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 has always been my lucky number

And 2013 should be special for us, as T is the 20th letter in the alphabet (for my DH) and M is the 13th letter in the alphabet (for ME, miss M).

I can't get all maudlin about this past year....I'm glad it's over and I'm moving onto 2013.  We have a gorgeous day here, beautiful snow in the yard, and maybe some snowshoeing later in the day.

We did go snowshoeing on Sunday - right after the first real storm of the season.  The snow was like powder, it wasn't too windy, and it was a complete treat

Of course, along with all my buddies out there, I wish you all the best in 2013 - good health, happiness, family goodness.  Peace and bye-bye recession would be nice too right?

Now for some pictures.

Snowshoeing on Sunday - fresh powder.  Cold out but I was steaming hot by the time we were done.  And I'm paying for the few miles with very stiff calfs this week.

My reorganized Basement studio - still needs alot of work to stay focused, but I'm loving it!

looking out into the rest of the basement - the plywood table is my drawing table - rather rickety but it should work for awhile. 

Artwork behind the computer station

More artwork behind the computer station

Blogger won't let me move this picture, but it is to show you that as the New Year opens, I am working on laying out the Water Lily Girls book...it's all a mystery to me, but fun. 
My new computer station in the basement. This area used to be a "messy area" where I did clay work, and soldering, but I've had to make a choice and really need the computer and scanner and printer downstairs to work more efficiently on the comics. 

Comic drawing area again - "SOLD" is a story - I think I've shared some of it but  if not, will do so soon. 

Another shot out of order - these are my new SmartWool socks and I am HOOKED.  Have you tried them? Awesome!!!

A look at the top of my shelves. And this is AFTER a cleaning purge!!! oh my...long way to go to organized and streamlined.  

My brother sent me this pic from his vacation in Honduras.  Cool eh? 

I do wish you all much love and happiness this year.  I hope you all know how much this blogging means to me, having met all these wonderful new friends - I love you all!!!  


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your new area looks so inspiring. I did get my area straightened. Purged a few books etc... Love your bulletin board with inspiring art. I recognize a few of those styles. Happy and creative new year to you too.

Annie said...

You inspire me to clean my back storage/computer room, well at least I am thinking about it :-).
Happy New Year Mim!

kj said...

yes to smart socks!

mim, your studio looks fantastic. all your versatile artwork hanging like that is a feast for my eyes. really fantastic.

so ;photoshop here she comes! i can safely bet you will find yourself hooked and consumed for hours at a time. what vistas ahead!

you paint the best watercolor rocks.

happy 2013, my dear friend.


studio lolo said...

I need to do that! I will do that!! You always inspire me to do more and be better.

I hope to have another art day there again. I'll clean my space up so we can have an art day here too.

Happy New Year Mim and Ms. Em!


yoborobo said...

It is all SOOOO much tidier than my work area. I am trying to purge, and there is a lot to do! Love your art behind the computer, and the Smart Wool socks (nothing keeps your toes as warm!). I've never been snowshoeing. It looks like you live in a beautiful area. Happy New Year! xox!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

wow, there's so much fun stuff packed in this post. Love all the room you have for Art. Wish I had a tad more room in my studio. I don't have enough room to change my mind. :) Never heard of those socks. Will have to google them. Wishing us all lots more fun blogging, doing art, keeping up and encouraging each other in 2013. ♥

Lynn Cohen said...

I love seeing the art on your walls. Yours and Marianne's and I think maybe some of Lolo's? Maybe? or that might be more of yours.
You are all so good!

Fun to see where you create!
No, don't think I know the story "Sold"...so am looking forward to that.

The lay out for the other book looks yummy.

Did I tell you my grand daughter read your book aloud to her brother and me on Chaunkah? A double treat, she can read, and you can write and paint! ;-)

Happy New Year Mim! Wishing for good health, lots of creating time, solid jobs, prosperity, and fun for all! Life is good.

Lori ann said...

it all looks so great mim, oh the things you'll create now in your new organized space. how is it i have been wearing smart wool for years and you live in the snow? can i come snow shoeing?

sukipoet said...

your work space is super. love the artwork surrounding you and all the counter space to create. if the socks have wool in them, can't wear em, but love the color. glad 13 is lucky for you. have a wonderful 2013

Robin said...

Even as a non-artist, I love your new, re-vamped Studio! It WILL make you want to create even more!

Love seeing Lo and Marianne's work there..

Want to hear about *Sold*!

Oh..those socks! They are wonderful....even here in CA, my feet are always cold! Love that colour too!

One day, I hope to try Snowshoeing...it looks like fun - and - great exercise!

#13 IS lucky in many parts of the World - just like having a Black Cat cross your path! I agree!

May 2013 bring you and *T* HEALTH, success and happiness! Here's to wonderful friends!!


♥ Robin ♥