Friday, January 11, 2013

Watercolor fun on vacation

I try to work thru a lesson or so while on vacation, usually watercolor and working from a book, or magazine. Today I stayed by the pool working from Gordon Mackensies book on watercolor essentials. ( great book by the way)

I wanted to learn how he paints "looking thru water" a trick that will com in handy for the Water Lily Girls.

It's all in the book, but what you do is paint a blue background and then paint the squiggly green lines. The blue ends up as being the reflective part of the water, and the green is the part you can see thru. Then you add the rocks, only showing thru the green parts. This was NOT easy for me, drawing rocks in only part of the painted areas. I was having spacial confusion. The way my mind works, I wanted to paint rocks, then paint blue water, then green see thru bits. I even tried doing it that way to show myself how that wouldn't work.

Here are two trials. I thing the first one looks like potatoes floating on water, much more work there. The second one holds promise I think.

I am getting some beach time in, but it's so much fun to paint and try to follow a lesson. Lucky me, so many fun things to do and so little time to do them in!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very interesting. Hmmmmm

kj said...

i love learning what you learn! this is totally fascinating to me, mim, because when i paint, which is about once a year on vacation, i paint with watercolors/

you inspire alot of us. do you know that?


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

That second one looks very professional. WOW.

PAK ART said...

The second is much better - it really looks like rocks under water. I laughed and laughed over the potatoes floating on water description - you are too funny!

Lynn Cohen said...

wow I only see one potato in the first one up front. the rest of the rocks work for me.
The second one is more wow with rocks under the water. very cool. I'd say you are doing quite well.

(has the mail from CA arrived yet?)

studio lolo said...

Wow!! I love them, especially seeing the difference from one to two.

I have an idea! I think I'll take one of my hundreds of art books off the shelf and follow a lesson instead of just looking at the picures and shelving it!!

You do inspire many, Ms. Mim.


Amanda said...

these are beautiful - almost thought they were photographs they are so realistic!

i'm at the beach as well - wish i could paint like you!

Robin said...

Late *Little Me*.... but...still thrilled to see your latest Water Colour efforts.... #2 is fantastic... but what I especially love is seeing your mind, your eye (and your artistic fingers) at work...embellishing and improving from #1 to #2.



♥ Robin ♥