Friday, January 25, 2013

busy - who me?

To say I have been busy is an understatement - but it's a happy busy thank goodness.  My DH and I went on vacation to Florida right after the first of the year and bike rode, visited friends and family, saw a lot of my mom and of Scruffy and had a not-relaxing time but a good time nevertheless.  I did do some painting there and that made me happy.

We flew home on a Sunday and got a call that DH's aunt had died (somewhat unexpected), so we continued on home, then turned around the next day and drove 5 hours to Long Island for an early morning funeral.  Long sad's his last direct relative to pass away, and we cried a lot...and then drove the long drive home.  I have to go back down there one weekend to empty out her clothes...what an awful job that will be!

Then 3 days of work and then we left for Disney for 4 days.  Mucho mucho fun.

Back this week and catching up on work. Meanwhile I have signed up for a Saturday class on Children's book illustration - given in Boston at the School at the  Museum of Fine Arts by the illustrator of "the Velveteen Rabbit".  I know that I will learn a lot from this class...I was a bit reluctant to give up my Saturdays for the winter but it was such a great opportunity! The class starts tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous. I'm sure that there will be professional illustrators in the class, and that I will be the least experienced but that's OK too...I just want to learn learn learn.

I have been asking myself the usual question - am I taking on too much?  I think I am but I'm hoping to enjoy it since it's for a short time.  If I can keep my loved ones...and myself ...healthy thru the winter then I'll be OK with it.  I'm not sure where I'll fit in laundry or any working out or time with hubby or friends but it's only for a few months (I think!)

I also start back to comic class - focused on digital art - in a few weeks.

And oh yeah, the cooking book that I wanted to assemble?  Well, I asked my BFF to put it together since for awhile she was out of a job but then she went and got hired and doesn't have the time to do it now so I have decided to start a new blog. This blog will be the cooking book on line...and I'll be testing the recipes as much as I can.  I'll give my cousins and family access to the blog and then they can order the blog as a book when it is ready. Brilliant idea right?  I'll just have to get up few hours earlier each day.

So that's what I am up to. I am looking forward to a productive winter with much to show in the spring.

Do ya'll think I'm nuts?


Baino said...

Hahah...busy indeed but doing fun stuff. Well except for the Aunty. I'm catching up on blogs for the first time in ages and there seem to have been a few people passing away. Very sad but sadly a part of life. Hope you're well Mim. MWAH

kj said...

YES too much and I should know! But worthwhile for sure . The class sounds fantastic. Aha! You will be able to draw Emily rabbit . I knew it! :-)

Sorry about dh's aunt. I agree with hells that there seems to be too many losses too early in the year. This tells me to live now, full and fun .

But when will you ever manage to see a couple of your dear sweet friends? :-)


Lynn Cohen said...

So sorry for the sadness.
I'm glad you have so many cool art projects going on. I see you getting prepared to illustrate a book or two!
Very clever way of getting the recipes to your family!
It will be a fun winter. Lots of vitamin c foods and'll do fine!
No, not crazy, just pace yourself ... Maybe quit your job! lOL

Jos said...

Sounds like a lot Mim but i really like your take on the class. Being the least experienced means that pretty much everyone there will have something to teach you! In my experience most people love sharing their skills with anyone willing to listen and follow. I shall look forward to seeing your cookbook! Warmest hugs xx Jos

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The moss won't be growing on your shoes girl. Sounds like fun to me. I hope you enjoy it all and learn lots. Can't wait to hear about your lessons. Take care.

soulbrush said...

Yes nuts completely nuts- but it takes one nutter to recognise another nutter! So just enjoy it all. So sorry about DH's aunt- now that's enough of funerals for this year! Just have fun! xx

Annie said...

Mim, Sorry about Dh's Aunt.
Yes, you are super busy, but only you know what too busy is for you.
The class sounds great! Hope you had a fun day. xoxo

Lori ann said...

wait where is the knitting mim?

sukipoet said...

so sorry about DH's aunt.

super amazed at your energy. all this and you work Too!!! You are a whirlwind.

good for you for going to the Velveteen Rabbit person's class. I am sure it will be incredible.

Robin said...

You? Nuts? A-ha-ha! If so, it's a spicy blend of cashews, almonds and walnuts covered with a dash of salt!

All of these classes will surely intensify your talents..... your future IS in the Art World...


♥ Robin ♥

Amanda said...

i always take a gut check on things like this. if i feel energized by many activities, then it's ok to be really busy sometimes. but the point when you start feeling enervated is when it's time to cut back. a cookbook and a new blog? go for it, mim!

marianne said...

It sounds like a lot......but I know how things can be sometimes ;)
The cooking book in blog format sounds like a good idea and the new workshop coming up will be fun. So it is OK I guess to be busy when there are fun things involved too.
And yes take care of your health. I always know when I take on too much when I start the have certain complaints.
But all this driving and flying up and down.... that must be tyring.
Well dear enjoy all the things you do.
Can't wait to see the results of your projectss again.