Thursday, August 30, 2007

Like something has changed

Here in New England we treasure summer and try to drag out every drop of the daylight, and warmth, the no socks, no shoes, grass on our feet. There is a tendency to hold onto every little drop and just keep thinking that maybe THIS year we will just stay in summertime. But even with global warming we start to see those rogue tree's changing color, a spray of dead leaves on the lawn, and the autumn flowers blooming. Sometimes I wish it would just change, boom, like the time change. OK, put away the summer clothes - dig out the sweaters. Time to change direction. But no, it teases. We'll have a warm day and then a cool night. Then a slightly cool day and a cool night and then Bang - another set of 90 degree days. Shorts and loose skirts give way to loose pants and then heavy jeans. I love autumn - around here it is apple country and the smell of apples and Concord grapes is everywhere. The local church has their apple pie stand set up and the annual fair. Yard sales galore - like it's the last chance to get rid of junk. I wish summer lasted another month and autumn went thru REALLY to November. Then a few months of cold and back to a real spring and then summer again. Auntie Mim's weather wish.

Everyone says that it is time to hunker down, but I never unhunkered.

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Forever Young said...

oh hell yes, here in london summer just hasn't arrived this year. i will persevere with no shoes, or socks indoors at least till the last second.refuse to pack my summer clothes away till i'm actually turning blue!