Saturday, August 25, 2007

New sewing technique

Well, new to me. There is a tool for doing this so it must be a tried and true process. I saw this on a purse at the fabric store and just stared at it until I figured out what they had done.
So I wanted to try it. I took three scraps of fabric and sewed them together with diagonal lines running from one end to the other. Then I cut, in between the lines of stiches and cut thru two of the fabrics and ruffled them up a bit. Scanning makes it look funny and flat but it is really nice in real life.

I guess that you could make a large piece of this and then use it as you would fabric accent.

Blogger is showing me htlm text instead of pictures so who knows what I am posting right now.


Forever Young said...

now this is interesting, you are so creative- looking at something and being able to go home and copy it...not me, have to have a pattern

Mim said...

I stared at this at the store for about 10 minutes before I figured it out!