Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ordering Christmas presents already

I just ordered some Sitting Pretty Poppets from Claudine and am so excited. I can't say who they will be for, but I know they will love them.
I took a class with Claudine last year and she was such an enthusiastic and fun teacher and am looking forward to taking more classes with her next year. I bought three of her prints while at the workshop and loved them but have donated them to Bernie Berlin for her art auction for the doggies. It was hard to let them go but Claudines work will sell easily and Bernie needs the money for the pups.
My nephew Brian broke his arm day before yesterday so we will take him some treats this weekend to make him feel better, poor baby.
I haven't done my Illustration Friday drawing, I usually do it on Friday night but was cutting out another quilt for the aforesaid nephew for HIS christmas present. I need about 85 squares and only got 50 done. (Groan). I haven't started on his brothers quilt yet. I had planned to do twin bed sized quilts, but luckily Sean called me up and told me that he had gotten a new queen sized bed. He is just getting too big for a twin plus is a restless sleeper. So now double bed sized for them both (Double Groan)
I am off on a business trip to the UK next week so will not be posting most likely. Hopefully will get some nice pictures of the Kent area, perhaps a pub or two!


Mim said...


ksklein said...

The Sitting Pretty Poppets are cute. Boy, you do spend a lot on Christmas presents. :)

Mim said...

Christmas presents are not cheap and frankly, I hate the whole thing, but the kids expect something. Luckily, all the kids in my life are getting older so it is getting cheaper to do presents.