Saturday, August 11, 2007

One of the troubles with traveling

I travel alot for work. Often I am with others so it isn't so bad, but more often I travel alone, often for two weeks at a time, - and when work ends the entire evening is free. I do mostly cook my dinners, instead of eating out and can relax and watch TV but have started taking my art supplies along with me. But I was stuffing items into my luggage with no rhyme or reason.
Today I went out and got his cool patterned makeup bag ( altho why someone would want that much make up is so beyond me.)

Here are the art supplies the I want to put in. Each of the pencil containers hold watercolor pencils, markers, pens, pencils, short handled brushes etc. I wanted paper, pastels, wipes, glue sticks, paper palate and a craft sheet.

This is the first layer with sketch books - the paper pallate and craft sheet are on the very bottom.

A few more layers and you can see how much is fitting into this bag!

The final product - ready to be slung over my shoulder and go to the beach or a picnic or a plane ride. It's fairly heavy but I havent' weighted it yet.

I put a travel pouch together for oversized watercolor books also. Coudn't get the same patter, but I love this one.
Has anyone else done something like this? How do you solve your traveling dilemma?

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Forever Young said...

my husband does all our packing, otherwise we would never leave. makeup bag? what's that? mine gets thrown into a plastic bag and pushed somewhere deep into the case!