Sunday, August 26, 2007

Drawing of a Billy Club - posted for something on EDM

I posted this for IFN, but like the drawing.


Forever Young said...

sorry, it looks like a 'tampax' to me... bringing back long forgotten memories, and a great big 'hooray' for being the age i am now!!!

Mim said...

You are SO funny! I thought the same thing but when I showed it to my husband (without telling him the word "club") he said it looked like a nightstick so I figured it was my paranoia!!!
Agree on the age/surgery. I threw all tampax out last year with a huge sigh of relief.

Forever Young said...

'why is it good having sex with a woman of 60?'

'she doesn't yell, she doesn't tell,she doesn't swell and she appreciates it like hell!'

one day you and i gonna sit down witha cuppa and chat and giggle, i just know we are mim!

phthaloblu said...

Nice work!