Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Animal Wednesday - right before Christmas

Adorable pups....classic chipmunks... an ad ...

and just about the cutest little pup I've ever seen

Happy Christmas Animal Wednesday - I hope all your animal are happy, fed, and loved.

See ya'll when I get home after the New Year.

(I've started on the options for redesigning ones' blog, but in my haste, omitted to make the links show up - so click on the items above and you should be able to see the link)


Marion said...

My favourite is the newborn rolypoly puppy...I just know he's got that puppy breath!

Have a happy and safe holiday, Mim! I hope things go well for you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have a great time in FL. See you soon.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Those videos are great and I love the ad with the angelic hamster! (of course: hamsters...)

Have a great holiday and hope to see you soon!


Annie said...

Have a joyous Holiday Mim!!!xoxo

soulbrush said...

Popping in to wish you and Mr T a wonderfully happy festive season and very healthy happy 2011. Hope it will be less frantic for you both. Thanks for card, will drop you an e soon. love ya Mim xxxx

Lynn said...

I hope there will be some joy inbetween the hard stuff in Florida Mim. Hugs from me. All the best for the new year!

Robin said...

Love the post.....especially that little dreaming adorable!!

Sending you love and strength for your time in Florida.

Hugs, Hugs and MORE Hugs!


♥ Robin ♥

studio lolo said...

Emma's ears were going in 90 different directions with the first video (doggie song) and she didn't like it.
I, However LOVED the second one with that sweetest ever hampster. Was he an angel because they live a nano-fraction of a dog's life??
OMG he made me laugh out loud!

And as Marion said about the last one...puppy breath! Helllloooooo, is there anything better???

Thninking of you Ms. Mim and wishing you a soft, gentle landing (metaphorically and for real) and a very, always merry time of year.