Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend in short sentences

Good flight down, knitting, movies, row to myself.

Good to see mom - dinner waiting. Good sleep

"Breakfast" with MIL - who doesn't really eat. Then she went back to bed.

Saw cousins from North and South. Hung out at a yarn store for an hour or so. Got some awesome yarn.

Saw Mom off on a jaunt with her friends for an afternoon tea party. The 90 year old friend picked up the 87 year old. I told them to be good, or at least be discreet. They giggled and drove away.

Went to my MIL's. Still in bed. The caretaker had the evening off and I had my hands full with doing nothing. MIL wouldn't get out of bed for hours. Coughed and gagged all night - it was truly awful. Hospice coming in as soon as I can get on the phone tomorrow.

Got home to moms that night and found that my Sunday afternoon flight was canceled - so had to take a 6:00 am flight. Cried a bit from exhaustion and disappointment as mom and I had planned a morning together.

Got home - got in the door and took my shoes off, undid the bra (ahh) and got a phone call from mom that her sister had just passed away. Literally about 1/2 hour ago. Mom sobbing on the phone, I felt so bad not to be there with her. But my cousins came over (Aunties son and daughter) and took mom out to dinner and to simply be together. tomorrow, then drive to NYC for a funeral on Tuesday and sit Shiva on Wednesday.


Who wrote this movie?


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I'm so sorry Mim! What a horrible year this has been for you. I don't think anyone could write this movie. I sure hope next year is going to calm down some but with aging parents it's unlikely. At least the job isnt going away like you thought it was... at least I hope it isnt..

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

PS..sorry for your loss.. Is she the funeral you are going to in NY?

Mim said...

thanks Cris - yes - it's her funeral I'm going to and it's gonna be sad. Mom is devastated. ah well....

Lynn said...

Oh Mim I am tearing up from this story of this real life/death stuff. So sad for your mom. First I was laughing from the 90 yr old picking up the 87 yr old, and feeling even more hopeful about LIFE and AGING, and then the slap of a death to bring me down to earth. I am glad your mom has other family there but can well imagine how hard that was for you. Hugs from me. And then hospice for MIL so this isn't bright either. I see you doing a lot of traveling.
More hugs.

studio lolo said...

Good grief, who wrote the movie indeed!

Poor mom. So sad that she can't be there but wonderful that others are with her.

eeks, MIL and hospice. We knew that was around the corner, but still, are we ever ready?

Undid the bra. I sighed with you!! Oh baby, that feels good!

Drive careful to NY.

You can't script real life Mim. It just happens but sometimes it feels all at once.


word veri is : expocks!

Does that mean there will be no more pocks on you?? Let's hope ;)

Lori ann said...

oy indeed. sorry mim. hugs + love.

PAK ART said...

It is a crazy life. I'm sorry to hear all the stress you are dealing with right now. I'm glad you can attend the funeral, your mother needs you more than ever. How sad! I can't even imagine losing one of my sisters. btw, one of my sisters once took the wire out of her underwire bra in the middle of a busy airport. She couldn't stand it any longer. Just pulled real hard and out it came!

Robin said...

Dearest Mim,

Sometimes it does indeed seem like some crazy person is writing Life's "script".... I send you and your wonderful Mum heartfelt will comfort each other as you sit Shiva together....

I pray for your MIL difficult a situation for you to be in.....and of course, for your DH.... I am experiencing some of this now as a dear friend is undergoing radiation - and she seems to be slowly sinking....the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming at times....

It all seems even darker during the Winter months....but, we have to cling to every thing that is light and beautiful and helps keep hope within our hearts.

Know that you are loved - by ALL your families - real and blogging.

Sending WARM hugs - and a lot of love and many prayers - for everyone.


♥ Robin ♥

Amanda said...

oh mim, i am so sorry for your loss. you seem to be running yourself ragged taking care of others -- please make sure you take good care of yourself as well♡♡

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Mim, life is not getting any easier for you right now. Big Hugs.

Baino said...

Oy. Doesn't cut it really does it. You'll be glad to see in the new year I expect. Very sorry to hear about your Aunt.Sadly I guess they're all getting to 'that' age. Thinking of you down under.

AtelierBrigitte said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
Take good care of yourself.
Big hug from me.

Marion said...

I'm very sorry about your Aunt's death, Mim, and I hope your mother is alright. I'm so sorry you just missed being there with her.

Many warm hugs for you all.