Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odd day off work, snow and Christmas lights.

I am staying home this morning because it's snowing and its a good excuse to baby my cold, and watch out the window. It's light snow, and lovely looking.

Then I wandered around with my camera and took a picture of our tree - it's a little tabletop fake tree.
For years I didn't want a Christmas Tree - despite DH's insistence that he wanted one. But eventually I gave in and I enjoy it now. We haven't had a live tree in many years, and this little fake one doesn't hold all our ornaments but it works because we are rarely here for Christmas - we are usually with his mom.
Anyway - the lights are pretty and cheery. I like to keep it up and lit thru January - it helps make the dark nights less January-ish.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What I like best about the holidays are the lights. I too leave up our lights through most of January.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. I hope you get to feeling better. A day of being at home should help tremendously.

studio lolo said...

I'm enjoying the light snow too, Mim. I even put the lights on in the studio window. It's already clearing now though. I was secretly hoping for a stormy, stay in and create day. I guess I can still do that!

I'm sorry you have a cold. Honestly, they're miserable! I wish I could afford to send you some chicken soup like a dear friend did for me ;)

I love your tree and I agree about the lights. I keep em' going as long as I can. At least through Easter! haha:)


Amanda said...

mim - i agree that keeping the tree up into january is a lovely way to ward off those dark nights.

stay warm, my friend, and hope your cold is better in time for Christmas.


Robin said...

Mim, so sorry you have a cold!
Me too..... so not fun!!

I love your tree and the lights! I broke down this year and bought some little "fairy lights" and they really do help to cheer me up - and keep me warm. (At least they make me "feel" as if I was warmer!)

Love the fact you "peeked" at your gifts! I can just picture you!

I hope you feel better - SOON!


♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

feel better. it is nice to just have a do nothing much day. love the lights too. my tree is Mom's fake one, table top too. I turn the lights on all day to break the drear. cheers, suki

Lynn said...

Well, I will send you virtual chicken soup and hope that cold passes quickly! Your little tree is sweet and the snow scene quite beautiful! Enjoy it all!!!! xoxo

Baino said...

Sorry to hear you have a cold. Goes with the change of season I guess. I've had a fake tree for ages but simply because the real ones don't last long in the heat. I really do envy your snow but I guess living in it, isn't quite as romantic as looking at it.

Lori ann said...

oh so christmasy. i hope your cold goes away quickly. i think i'm coming down with one too.

Katiejane said...

So true about the tree. The lights are comforting through the winter months. You certainly did get snow!