Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend away ....again

I am "popping" down to Florida for the weekend - simply because it looked like I didn't have to work this weekend and MIL is getting weaker and I'm not sure when I can get there next. Maybe Christmas but we'll have to see.

I won't miss the freezing cold, but still wish I was home in this season, as I love wrapping presents and finishing shopping and watching schmaltzy movies. Especially if there is snow coming down, which I think we expect. But I'll suffer by the pool...maybe catching a few rays!

Be good all of you, and have a lovely weekend.


sukipoet said...

what a kind and caring DIL you are. There will be other holiday seasons, but only one MIL. Sending light and love to follow you to the land of the warm.

Marion said...

You are such a loving and compassionate person, Mim. During her last days, I was the one who stayed with my MIL and it was an experience I will never regret. We became much closer at the end of her life.

I hope you will have lovely warm and sunny weather!

Robin said...

Mim, you really are a kind and loving DIL. To be there when a loved one is fading - IS a great and wonderful gift. I know the last few weeks I was daily in hospital with my Father provided strength and comfort - to both of us....

Sending you love and strength! (I do hope you can have some time by the pool, letting the rays beam down on you....but don't forget your sun bloc!!!)


♥ Robin ♥

Annie said...

Safe travels. Sorry about your MIL, how kind you are to go care for her. xoxo

studio lolo said...

I just came home from an art exhibit that had fish you would have LOVED!! I hope she has a website so I can pass it on to you. That said, I brought it up because I know what you mean about staying inside on a cold night, wrapping gifts, etc. I just put my sweats and slippers on and now I will finish decorating the tree.

I think it's not only kind of you to be with your MIL right now, I think it's neccesary for her, T and yourself.
I do hope you get some Mim time by the pool to reflect on all you've been through this year, and also to know that you've done so much good. If I had to descibe you in one word it would possibly be "grace." That's how you live your life and how you treat everyone you meet. You have a huge, kind heart.♥♥

Katiejane said...

Lucky you! I'd rather be there than here.

kj said...

who wouldn't choose you to be their daughter in law, daughter, sister, wife, aunt, coworker and FRIEND?

i hope the sun warms you all over mim.