Friday, January 14, 2011

SKetchbook project

I signed up for the Sketchbook project with the theme of "Help" - which made sense to me back in September. By December, I had done one drawing and needed so much help myself - I couldn't even THINK about this sketchbook.

Since after Christmas, I've been trying to finish the book, but have decided to GIVE UP! Yes...the hat in the ring, disgrace etc. There are 80 pages in this book! Now I could have taken all the pages out and done one big painting/drawing and folded it up to fit into the book, but it just was all too much to organize.

I did get about 11 pictures sketched out, and you saw some the other day that were going to get folded up and put into the book. Anyway, here are the 11 or so - pencil sketches mostly. You can see why I'm throwing up my hands in despair and moving on.... 80 pages!!!

Lo is doing a wonderful, admirable job with this sketchbook. Look at her wonderful cat and dog drawings and she has FILLED UP THAT BOOK!!!!! That is one hell of an accomplishment.

If they do it again, I'll try the project again but it'll be better planned this time.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't blame you what with all you have had to contend with. Just set it aside and relax. You deserve to not be held hostage by a flimsy bound sketchbook. No shame here. Interesting sketches. Just what you needed at the time.

sukipoet said...

I love the sketches you have done. maybe this is a book you can work in for yourself through the year. its okay to let go of things. wise, in fact. blessings to you, hugs, suki

studio lolo said...

I love these! And I agree with Suki, fill this up for yourself without pressure.

No shame in not finishing Mim. I'll never sign up for a huge project over the holidays again. I did this all in 2 weeks, but I have a dirty little secret. Half of the book are color copies glued in from previous work I've done! I printed them on photo paper and put them in with nice photo corners, but still, I would think people want original sketches on each page. Tough. I couldn't get it done that way.
I'll try to add five pages of quick cat sketches today to even out the cat/dog thing!

Mim, with all you have gone through lately it's a wonder you could even get out of bed to face the music.



Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

John Lennon said, Life has a way of happening while making other plans.. something like that. Well your plans were waylaid by life happening. Great idea but they should give you a full year to get something like that done. But then my Dad always said that if it weren't for the last minute nothing would get done. So there you have it. Great drawings of what you did get done.

Robin said...

LIFE. m' dear, sometimes gets in the way of the best of plans...

However, these sketches are FABULOUS! I'm sure you can incorporate them into a "Miss EM" book... they are all wonderful!

And....last "words of wisdom"... sometimes it really is better to let go of certain things....



♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

i woke up in the dark this morning and saw these sketches on my iphone. mim! each is a stand alone cartoon in the new yorker or the boston globe. that good. i mean it.

i realized looking at these that i love when ms. em follows a theme.

you didn't finish the sketchbook?! no surprise there! but look what you did do. i love it.


Lynn said...

You at least had obvious reasons for not finishing...(I on the other hand just gave up early)

And then she said: they have said you can send the books in unfinished and I do believe yours are so good that people would truly enjoy seeing all your pages you have send it as is.

I agree with Cris, we should of had a year to do it.
And I should not have looked at someone elses who drew so professionally that I was then and forever more intimidated to even try! Oh well, I can't do it all.

Amanda said...

these are completely clever and brought a huge smile to my face today. especially love the saved from drifting into space when gravity failed panel ---- brilliant!!

Teri C said...

The pages you did are so wonderful Mim, send it in unfinished. On the last page why don't you make Ms Em going on a vacation and is 'saving' the pages that are left for everyone's imaginations.

PAK ART said...

I LOVE the way your mind works - all your Help images just speak to me and make me laugh! You are very talented. You know I had guilt for about one month because I didn't finish X, Y and Z from the ATC card trade and then I decided art is supposed to be fun and creative and not about guilt and worry. So I let it go! I'm glad you did too!