Wednesday, January 12, 2011

woohoo snowy!!!

My back deck furniture in the afternoon......

and in the evening. We must have around 2 feet out there!

It's so pretty when it's all pristine like this, I plan to go out early in the morning for a quick walk around. A few days later, it'll be all yuck and nasty but it's lovely to look at now. We'll find a place in the woods for snowshoeing this weekend and enjoy the heck out of it.

So what do you do on a snowy day? Well - I worked from home for most of the day and then tried to work on my sketchbook project...which I don't think I'll actually send it. My theme was HELP and I'm stymied.

I did work on an 18 x 24 Ms Em drawing that I was going to fold up into the sketchbook, but I don't think I can do it. Here's the draft. Lousy cropping - it's too big for my little scanner and went in all sideways and everything.

Needs color and it looks better on one sheet of paper.....but its the first drawing I've done in months and it feels way good.


sukipoet said...

we had about that much snow up here too and where it blew at the back door it is over six feet tall in drifts.

Miss Em is off into the new year and new adventures. i esp like the picture of her crossing the bridge. glad you are back to drawing. take care, suki

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

BBQ ANYONE?? :))) Man that's a lot of snow. Love your Miss Em.. Its a wonderful depiction of you moving on and I notice the baggage dropped and left behind. So glad to see Miss Em back.

Snowbrush said...

Well, Mim, does this mean that you're canceling our picnic for the weekend?

Cute cartoon!

Lori ann said...

Omg. Oh my dear lord! SNOW! That is so amazing. I wish I were there, to walk out in it, and snow shoe too. Awesome. Maybe will you take some more photos Mim?

Super cute drawing!

Teri C said...

Oh I am so happy to see Ms Em!!! I have missed her. I hope she doesn't fall in all that beautiful snow. And that is a LOT of snow! Good to enjoy it before it turns yucky is right.

kj said...

thanks for the snow shots, mim.
where the heck are mine?

and HELLO! ms em. oh how i;ve missed you.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

WOW, now that is a pile of snow. What fun to be snowed in for a few days. Mz EM is lucky she can get out in the snow.

Robin said...

Talk about a "Winter Wonderland"!
All you need is an Artic Fox to stop by and say hello!

(You know what a snowbird I am....sigh...I miss being in it.)
And, you must go out and let the snowflakes melt on your tongue! It's delicious! (And NO calories!)

Miss Em! I feel like I have greeted a long-lost friend!
I loved her leaving the suitcase and crossing the bridge to the Future! It awaits!


♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, those chair backs with all their spirals have grabbed my attention!

Keep drawing and feel even "gooder" about it. (smile)

AtelierBrigitte said...

It's good to see you drawing again! Lovely sketches and so much snow!

PAK ART said...

You've got MORE snow than we do! It is beautiful but I'm glad it will be gone soon. I love your latest Miss Em - I had a similar dream once just before I started a new job, I knew I was working out in my mind how I'd handle all the new and scary things coming my way. I do it in dreams, you do it on paper. Love it!

Katiejane said...

Holy Moly, Mim!! When did all this weather happen??? I'm SO glad we didn't get all that! In all, I think we only got two inches around that time and it's been slowly melting this week.
I love your little sketches. They are always so full fo meaning.