Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Beaver II

I think I mentioned that I didn't like last week's "beaver" picture, so I redid it - and like the proportions much better.  Still a Work in Process as you can see but better proportions...I think.

I've had to put Word Verification on again...hopefully just for a short time.  I've been getting at least 150 "Anonymous" comments and therefore emails every day, and it's a pain to delete them all. I'm hoping that a week or so of word verification will reduce the spam attacks and then I'll take it off again.

Have a lovely wednesday - the last before labor day - can you believe it?  I welcome the night coolness, but am always sad about the shorter days.

HAW to all


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think the beaver is just perfect now. They are having quite the conversation. HAW. I hope the spammers go away.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh this is perfect. Sorry about the spammers. Mine goes to by spam section not to my blog at least. I have company but will see if I can get an Animal post up today sometime. HAW

Lynn Cohen said...

Delightful beaver...the whole picture tells a story!
I love your soft colors.

I haven't used word verification in ages and I have not had your problem with the annon. spam attacks...isn't blogger catching them for you? Wonder why?

I love fall so I welcome it. But we had a very mild summer so no complaints either way.

Robin said...

Mr. Beaver and the WLG.... so wonderful - and yes, I can see the difference in dimension from the first drawing! I love this *Watery World*...wish I could swim in from time-to-time!

You KNOW I had no *Summer*...and now, Autumn is slowly much as I dislike the earlier nightfalls...I will welcome Autumn and all the glorious weather she brings - even to us!


♥ Robin ♥

Teri Casper said...

Looking good and is that Ms Em hiding back there?

I took my word veri off and put moderation on for comments older than 2 weeks and that has helped tremendously.


yoborobo said...

This is a great color palette. Makes me happy for some reason - and I love the interaction between them. Kind of a "hey, how are you?" feel. :) xox

soulbrush said...

Awfukky cute. I took mine off as people were complaining- and the damned spam is starting to creep back again. grrrrr. Happy AW pal.

Loretta said...

So cool that you will be at Art Is and at my morning mini workshop! Please make sure that you find me and say hello! I am s looking forward to meeting you.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

marianne said...

yes that spam is a nuisance!
I recognize the sadness I always have the same feeling .....
Today we will have the last warm and sunny day and from tomorrow the temperature will drop and rain is coming our way.....