Friday, August 17, 2012

art on vacation

First of all, let me explain the last post.  I liked that piece because it changed!  Every little clock apparatus switched colors, so one hour you could have a multicolor art work in your house, and the next hour it could be all blue.  Doesn't matter - I thought it was cool.

So, back to Art on Vacation.

What I love to do on vacation is to pick something to learn - artwise - and work my way thru it.  I did this last year, and this year I picked a watercolor book that seems very informative  - and there are exercises to work thru. 

The first full exercise has you masking out shapes, then putting down a wash, then masking more and putting down another wash and so on.  It was fun, and a good experiment.

I copied the example in the book - a sugaring house surrounded by trees.

I think what's the best about this pic is the setting.  Watercolors, cup of coffee, pool.  Vacation.

We've kayaked in the bay, biked thru heated tropical parks and smooth trails. Today  - the beach, if my poor sunburned legs can take it.

Hope you are all well - and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like you are having a great vacation, except for your sunburn. Booo. Looks like fun.

kj said...

you are so right about that photo, mim: sitting by the pool with coffee and paints! i'm soon to be there too. can't wait.

i'm always glad to know when you are relaxing.


Lynn said...

You did an excellent job on the painting Mim. Very well done indeed! I like your fancy paint kit too. Glad you are having a fun vacation time. suncreen, sunscreen!!!!
And thanks for explaining the clock thingy. I didn't realize it did what you said. Bet in person its really cool.

kj said...

ps. i just enlarged your painting. WOW!

sukipoet said...

i enlarged also. wonderful painting and i am impressed you can paint from a book. rarely do watercolor books inspire me.

glad you are having this lovely vacation. you deserve it, as do we all, ha!

studio lolo said...

You never cease to inspire me. NEVER! ♥

Robin said...


What a great painting! This really appeals to me....

OK....thanks for explaining the art in the last, I understand, I think it IS cool!

You and the DH relax by the pool...SUNSCREEN!

Love, Love,

♥ Robin ♥

Katiejane said...

I like this painting very much so the book must be working.
Enjoy your vacation!