Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Animal Wednesday - living tank and sea cow and a frog ride

I think that I have some sort of wish-come-true thing with Animals these days.  

We were in Florida last week, and were biking along the Legacy trail, which goes from Sarasota to Venice.  It's a long straight dry ride, and as I was riding along I hoped that I would finally see a gopher turtle by the side of the road. DH has seen many of them, but I've never seen one - and have only seen their dug out dens. 

No sooner did I wish to see one - then BOOM, this guy showed up and let me take some pics of him.  Then I saw at least 3 more, some of them eating, some skittering away from me like little tanks.   It was amazing, and unusual as it was early in the day. 

 They're amazingly fast and very sturdy looking - they were so much fun to watch!

A few days later we went to visit a cousin who lives on a waterway - and I - again - wished I could see a manatee...and boom there she was.  See that ripple in the water?

My cousin turned on the fresh water and the giant gorgeous manatee came right up to the boat to have  a drink of fresh water - it was amazing!   My cousin kept hitting it in the nose with the water but eventually it drank enough and slowly swam away

It was SUCH a treat to see these animals - the manatee in the wild was an especial treat, such lovely quiet gentle animals.

I've got to start carrying my better camera around with me. The iphone takes decent pics but I would love to have a better pic of this manatee.  Well, next time. 

And more WLG pics.  There's only one way to get across a dry rock bed to get to the water on the other side, and that's to take a ride on a jumping frog.  Work in process but fun.  I think the previous pic will be a WLG asking a from for a ride across the rocks - we'll see.  

Happy Animal Wednesday! 


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow Mim, Maybe you ought to wish to win the Lottery! :))) Great finds. Hey if you carry around your good camera you probably wont see them. :)Your iphone does take pretty good photos tho. Love that last pix as it swam away.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those gopher turtles (I think that is what they are called) are rare in Fl and are on the watch list. Lucky you getting to see one and photograph it. The manatee is one animal on my must see list. Another lucky find. HAW.

kj said...

mim, you are an mammal marine whisperer. i'm not surprised!

oh your watercolor! i drew some rocks and stones at the beach and i want to do my once a year water colors with them, and i'm thinking i have no idea whatsoever how to paint rocks.

so now i have my models.

thank you!!


Robin said...

Love Cris' comment!

FABULOUS Photos...the Gopher Turtle!
I've never heard of them till now...wow...would love to see one of their *nests* - next time you are in FLA, ok?

Like Lisa...I have been enthralled with Manatees for years....wow, wow, wow....how wonderful to see one up close! You know that Sailors in *Olden Times* thought they were Mermaids! So...a real connection to yu and your Water Lily Girls! I am just in awe of those photos!

The last sketch.....adorable! You have created a fascinating watery world for us!!!! I am totally *hooked*!!!

Love and HAW,

♥ Robin ♥

marianne said...

Lucky you!!!
I would be thrilled to find those animals especially when you just wished them to appear!
Love that manatee! Looked him up to see what it was exactly, my.... what lovely creatures and already 50 million years on this planet!
What fun he came to drink!

Your watercolor looks great!
What does WLG mean? Probably a stupid question.....


Lynn Cohen said...

Fun animal finds Mim, and LOVE your painting!!!! HAW!!!!

yoborobo said...

When we were in Florida I kept thinking I was going to see an anaconda! Thank GOD I didn't - lol! Love your pics, and I think they're pretty good with your phone. xox!

Katiejane said...

Boy, you do luck out with the animals, don't you? These are great. You see a lot of turtles. I never see any around here. No water, I guess.
Love the rocks in your new sketch. I'll bet I start to see some manatees in your paintings soon.

Teri Casper said...

Wow, be careful with that magical wishing of yours and please don't wish to see am alligator. :)


studio lolo said...

I think it was karma that you manifested these critters for AW!! After all, you created the day :)

They're wonderful Mim! And yes, start carrying your good camera.

I love the WLG's!! I'm thinking I'd love to hop on a frog for a ride but it would have to be a really, REALLY big frog!!!



~Babs said...

I call it expecting miracles. They happen.All kinds.
I've never seen one of these turtles either, it's fascinating!