Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday - painting for fun

I don't think I showed this one before - I'm calling it "Lessons" or "Friends" - just not sure yet .  More color to come but I'm waiting for it to "talk" to me before adding more color. 

Last night I decided to play more with painting, and did what I call a draft painting.  I'm calling it draft for a few reasons - the first being that I hate the paper that I am using, and therefore messed up the little round guys clothing and tried to rescue it...and don't like the result.  But calling it draft means that I will do it over again with paper that I do like and will enjoy the result.

The paper that I don't like is a block of "Arches 140 cold pressed".  I've used it before successfully so am not sure if it's just this block or what!  It smells funny, it sucks up color like crazy, it's uneven...I could go on.    Plus it's expensive!  I tried this on the back side of a sheet and it wasn't any better. 

Either way - I like doing a draft painting cause I can see where I'd like more tension and balance, so the whole experience is not wasted.  I'll show the final one when it's done. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love seeing your people projects no matter what their state. Have fun this weekend.

Annie said...

Mim, I love your people, they are so joyful, wonderful! xoxo

Lynn said...

this last one has a circus feel to it. Juggling Act! Could you return the paper if it's somehow defective? I just took three pens back to Michael's that hardly had any ink flow at all when I bought them and brought them home to use.
Got my money back. "doesn't smell good" sounds defective to me.

The top painting with the fish tells a story too...waiting for color! Have a fun weekend.

kj said...

mim, there is something so gentle about your underwater world that i always feel at peace and playful visiting it.

i encourage you to follow this world where it takes you. nothing against the jugglers.

what time is it mim? is the time now?

love your pal

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Yes I agree with Lynn..take it back if its not the same and is expensive..I think both are wonderful drawings. I like the juggler, but the first one is very Ethereal.Even tho is under the water.:)

Natasha said...

I would contact the paper makers if it is not behaving like the same paper you have had before. You may have a bad batch. And I love your bottom one, it feels very joyful.

Katiejane said...

Don't you just hate crappy paper??
This looks nice, anyway.

carlarey said...

These are both so whimsical and utterly charming. I love the soft colors in the first one, and the sweet expressions on all the faces, fishy and otherwise.

Karen Smithey said...

I also would try to return it. Arches is supposed to be a high quality paper, so I would guess it is defective...

I hate it when I do a painting or sketch that I really like and don't like the surface!

Can't wait to see the progression that "Lessons" takes--

Anonymous said...

Hello Mim, this is beautiful and I love the composition and the colors of those playing persons:) Oh I know that Arche paper very well, I use Arche 300 g grain satiné, and it also has this strong smell because of the gelatine they use, and it's very absorbant yes, it's difficult to work on it wet in wet if you want to take color away with a wet brush. But you'll love it for it's "suck up" qualities, if you continue to work with it, layering thing washes...Sorry for the long text here, I got carried away lol. Again, I like the colors here so much, greeetings