Friday, February 1, 2013

What I have learned this week

This week I have done very little but work and come home and read on the sofa.

In that quiet time I have learned a few things  - some I already knew, some are new things:

I have discovered that I have gluten "sensitivity" and that sugary things give me a tummy ache.

That I am on a roller coaster because of working all week and then going to a class on Saturday and another one starts on Monday night.  I happen to love roller coasters but this one is a doozy.

That you have to make time to catch up with friends and however you do it, squeeze in the time for some kind of visit or communication.

That you can design, print and mail out 50 invitations to your mom's 90th birthday party in only two hours.

That I love love love having a breeze on my face when sleeping.

That peepers are ever hopeful, and will peep if the temp goes high in the middle of winter.

That it's OK to take a vacation from being active, doing a million things, always on the go...and just lay on the sofa reading.

What did you learn this week?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I learned that if you take a walk in the woods during winter you find lovely surprises.

Which blanket keeps me warmest at night.

I am looking forward to a roller coaster ride of my own the next few months.

sukipoet said...

That there is a lot of larnin' gal.

I learned that it might be best to sell the trailer as it will only depreciate with time.

I discovered a man to help me take stuff to the dump.

I discovered another man to give an estimate on some home repairs.

soulbrush said...

I loked reading what you've learnt this week. And especially that your beloved mom is going to be 90! Holy smoke!

I have learnt that being retired means one still has to have regular routines or one feels adrift.

marianne said...

Wow you learned a lot!
I learned you can make people happy by sharing your talents :)
I learned life is a roller coaster and things can easily change and sometimes, thank goodness, also for the best.

Your Mom 90 and looking that good!!!Wow!

Good you take the time to read and do what makes you happy :)
and yes time for friends is important.
Have a wonderful weekend

Robin said...

I learned to appreciate my three-month job...

To be grateful for our *strange* California mild weather this time of the year...

I am always grateful for true, loving friends... for the unexpected magic of Nature - wherever one lives -

Please give your beautiful Mum a HUGE hug and kiss from me! 90 years is so wonderful - and - she is still such a beauty - and a Diva!


♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

Suki, you're on a roll....

kj said...

You lesson number 3: okay, I know it too. So when? And how?

I learned this is a strange year so far.

I learned I might be strong enough.

And I learned thank god I do not have to listen to that bull anymore


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

I have been thinking about your question for a couple days and you know I don't know what I have learned.. LOL congrats on your mom turning 90. Have fun. and thanks for your comment.

Annie said...

I love your list.
Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom!
This week I learned, that there is life after this flu :-).
I learned that I cannot go much longer than 4 weeks without doing art and then I go mad. I get to do art tomorrow before that happens :-).
I hope you had fun in class.

Amanda said...

i leave the window open even in the deep of winter. hearing those peeps on the coldest of days always brings a smile to my heart, knowing that they have eternal hope the warmth will return.

happy birthday wishes to your dear momma. what a great daughter you are. xo

Snowbrush said...

I'm sorry you're so swamped.

No peepers here in Oregon, at least none that I know of. I sure miss them.

studio lolo said...

happy 90th Mom!!1

I learned to be grateful no matter what hardship I'm facing.

I learned my job is affecting my physical and mental health and I'm hoping to find new direction.

I sleep with the window open all winter too. I have to have fresh air!

And yes, making time for friends. I haven't done that lately, but I will.

It's all good Mim♥