Friday, March 23, 2007

Finally Friday

I just love Friday nights - the thought of sleeping in on Saturday is so enticing. Of course, I rarely do sleep in, but it's just the thought that I can that is delicious.
The flight home from California wasn't bad, but my nice leather coat got snatched by someone off the security rolling thing. I don't know how it happened, but the nice leather jacket was gone, gone, gone - inside of 5 minutes. Oh well...I couldn't find anyone who looked like they had picked it up by mistake so I think it was taken by TxxxA.
But no problem, it was pretty warm when I got home so the sweatshirt I had was just fine. Traffic on the Mass Pike was nasty but I was book-listening so I really didn't mind.
The nicest thing about coming home after being away, is seeing the hubby (#1 reason to run home) and getting to work in my studio. I have a few ideas that I was working on in a sketchbook but it's just not the same without all my stuff around - and the ability to just jump in and have fun. I am thinking about some kind of traveling art pack, but all I can think to bring on carry on is pastels and I have never worked with them. I don't like the pencil watercolors - actually I'm not a watercolor type of person anyway. You can't take a scissor or blade on the plane, so aside from buying a knife everywhere - I can't do any cutting which I just love.
Off to the basement....

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