Saturday, March 10, 2007


I love Saturday mornings - time to catch up, clean the bird cage, do some scanning (I'm still learning) and be pajama lazy. I have so much to learn about blogging and etsy - is there a "scanning for dummies" book?
I am going to try to add some of my new pieces here and am also going to do my best to try to set up an eBAY auction to sell a piece that I just bought from Claudine Hellmuth - I want to support the "Place to Bark" and this is a great way to do it. Claudines work is so happy and upbeat, I hate to part with it, but have two other pieces that I will keep.

I am learning that I am an impatient person and love to finish pieces, often before they are ready. I think I need a place in my "studio" where I can set aside work and NOT do the final glueing or finish coat before it is ready. This is going to be hard for me to do as I am so goal oriented and love to get things completed. Have to learn to slow down sometimes.

Julio the bird is singing away in his clean cage, enjoying the winter sunshine and living room fire. Cozy

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