Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday night

I am waiting for my sweetie to come home, he flew himself down to NY today to see his aunt and uncle, and it must have been a bumpy ride as the winds were a bit high...but not too high to fly. My sweetie is also a safety nut (thank goodness) and doesn't take chances but he loves that plane! We take "Vickie" all over the place and it's for someone who travels alot for work, I love just getting in our little plane and not having to go thru security. She's a sweet plane and very dependable.

I have posted some of my artwork on some yahoo sites and have been getting great feedback - particularly on "Wired" which you can see on this site. I love her also, she has a glint in her eye and a nice personality. She may show up in other pieces...we'll see.

It's not spring yet....

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