Sunday, April 29, 2007

A dreary day made better - Sunday now

It was such a dreary start to the day yesterday - and I didn't feel very well, so most of the day was shot. But when I got up and started feeling a little better and kind of embarrassed that I had missed the day, I felt like I needed to make something. All of my art stuff is packed up waiting for the paint decision (and lights and flooring and something to cover the ugly pink insulation in the ceiling, and some kind of heat...but we won't get a professional for this...) so I decided to take some fabric that I had that I actually got at Walmart, took a pattern and instructions and made a tote bag. I was just SO pleased with myself and as usual, obsessive, so stayed up till 4:00 am completing it. (Well almost completing it - needs some final stitching and ironing). Here is a picture of the tote and I think with a closure it will make a lovely mother's day present for some lucky mother in law.

Doing some sewing was an interesting experience for me. I learned to sew in Junior High School - in the days when the boys took shop and the girls took sewing and cooking. And I found that it all comes back! Despite a sewing machine that is 40 years old, and tends to break the thread, I actually remembered how to do it all! It was a pleasant experience to actually know what to do, after the last year of learning painting and compostion, and colors - things that I never learned as a kid. Those early lessons really do stick with you. Somethings are just hardwired into my brain and will never leave. It's the new things, concepts, methods that are not hardwired yet. Everything I do in art is a surprise to me - I wait for the day when I can plan and outcome. But with sewing - well, I think I've said it.
So I did rescue the dreary day in my mind.

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