Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday morning in the UK

Surprisingly I woke up early this morning after a good night's sleep so I'll see how I do during the day. Not a bad flight over, lots of room and the food was decent and my bag arrived so all in all - not so bad.

I saw a very very cute puggle the other day. Here is the Puggle official site. I have had pugs but never a beagle but I can imagine this animal sheds like crazy. In general, pound for pound, pugs shed more than other dogs, and I know that beagles shed also so this poor pup must shed a ton of hair. I found one picture that is available for use, and here it is. Not the puggle that I saw but similar. What a cutie that pup was. Of course, after taking a class with Bernie Berlin this past weekend, I would rather work with her to get a pup than going somewhere else, she really puts it all out for those dogs.
If any of my friends are reading this - how much money would you put on my chances of a pup this year?