Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday AM -

I am starting the day with a picture of a Daffodil because we are having Dreary Weather again here in New England (so not fair) and I think it is better to look at a brave daffodil rather than the rain. The week was beautiful and the weekend is supposed to be a washout. I think I can get some weeding done when it doesn't pour, we'll see how ambitious I am. I can see my daylilies popping up. Obviously I am trying to cheer myself up! I am still using my little coolpix but still unhappy with the screen only option. When I am outside I simply can't see the screen so just point and shoot and hope for the best. I was looking at the Sony Cybershot W90 which looks pretty good for a little digital camera. Anyone got any opinions?

I am cleaning out my basement studio and will either paint it a cheerful color or shut it down completely and do artwork somewhere else. The grey basement simply has gotten to me, which I'm sure is related to the Dreary Weather blues. I am thinking about a tropical sea blue or a cool calm peach....hubby will have some opinions so we'll see what comes next. While packing everything up I am embarrased to admit that I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF. I should really have an art supplies sale. I don't want to trade, cause I don't need a single thing. Yard sales in New England are ususally a big hit so I might do that.

I just listed a few things on eBay that I found in my basement, some decoupage boxes and purses. I'm not using them so why not get them to someone who would appreciate them. This is a decoupage box that I love and it has a pretty pink inside but I don't use it at all. Now..should I put up my vintage children's dresses? I'm sure that there is a creative soul out there who would do better things with them than I could, but I think I will wait for the basement painting issue to get resolved. If we do paint the room, the little dresses would look really pretty hanging on the walls in their antique childrens hangers. I'll post a picture here soon.

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