Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I was just reading a post here and thought once again how much I miss being able to take "real" photographs. I know that I don't have to go back to the dark ages of film and should be able to master a good digital camera - but NOT one that has only a screen to look at - that makes me crazy. I want to take good pictures in Cambridge, follow my dream of taking pictures of lost architecture - so I am making a promise to myself. I will start some walking around Cambridge at lunch time and will find some of those few spots where lost architecture still exists. These are found on buildings or homes that have been renovated, but maybe not always in the building's true style. You can find little pieces still sticking out that show the history of the building, show it's bones. So yes, I will get some excercise and take pictures at the same time. I will have to use my little Nikon Coolpix right now until I can talk the hubby into lending me his big black or at least learn how to use it. I was so good with the old film speeds, and aperature openings, and ISO's...oh well - those days are long gone I guess.

I am reading the book "The Secret" and I don't know yet if I think it is hokey or not. But my gut tells me that some of the things about this approach are true. I don't believe that you can ask the universe for a car and just receive it; and I don't believe that you can talk yourself out of breast cancer; but I do know people who seem to get what they want because they just assume that they will get that item/job/anything...and low and behold they do. I always wondered about that? Were they just so determined that they got what they wanted because otherwise they'd be impossible to live with, or did they attract these things. But, believer or not, this type of attraction has happened to me a few times. I met my husband in college, thru his sister. I really didn't know him and didn't fall immediately in love or anything like that, but knew from the first day that I met him that I would marry him. I remember thinking what a load off my mind that was, now I can have fun and he'll be out there. Of course, he knew nothing about this. I didn't see him again for years, and then we got together, and finally got married ( and yes, by then I was in love and he made such wonderful poached eggs) . So - was that attraction or was it being psychic? I just don't know! And when we found out that he had a kidney problem, I knew right away that we would be a good match for a transplant and yes...20 years later it worked. tell me!!
Funny - I am writing about photograhy and can't upload any photo's tonight so no pictures.

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