Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday AM

It is such a beautiful day that it is going to take all my will power to go to class today, I want to wander in the garden and actually start some spring cleanup. My shed needs cleaning out like you wouldn't believe, and the old leaves and such are scattered about. I daren't hope that my daffodils are poking their heads up; I have seen other daffy's brave enought to show their faces but our yard is cooler and shadier than most so we get late blooming dafs, (but you can see that I found one brave little daffy in my yard!) I am also going to take my Brugmansia outside today! Yes I am! It is miserable inside at this time of year and is losing it leaves like crazy. Look at it yearning to go outside, just pressing up against the window. I will give into it's yearning (and mine also) and let it see what it wants to do on the front porch. The fig tree is getting planted outside this year, against a south wall and it will just have to live thru the winter (with some insulation help) but it is not going to be dragged inside and outside any more. It also will just have to get tough. See how I am with my plants - stern and forceful. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't. Here are some pictures from outside.
I took my canary to the vet yesterday and was basically told that I was feeding him junk food. I felt so bad, so now he is on a strict healthy diet and is sqeaking at me in protest. Poor Julio. I tried to take a picture of him this morning but I really think that he thinks my hand is a giant snake waiting to eat him and he flaps in desparation around his cage so I didn't have the heart to try to get him to stay still.

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