Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Animal Wednesday - curved fish

One of the things that I want to work on this year is perspective (in more ways than one) and drawing things with some depth to them. I mostly draw flat items - with little "volume" in the drawing. So I'm teaching myself how.
And of course I am starting with fish - I drew this from a picture of a fish in this position - and I will be trying more. It's hard for me to see the subtle changes in something like this, unless it is in black and white. But I will keep trying....after the volume exercise I will try feathers!

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday everyone -

Hey...before you go - one question -

Do you think I should try that Mr. Linky thing for Animal Wednesday??? I know that Teri does it for Mondays - and I was thinking.....

let me know what you think of the idea,


Teri C said...

Wow, that is great perspective Mim.

The reason I like Mr Linky is that I can come here and find/visit all the animal lovers, otherwise I might miss someone. So yes, I would love to see Mr L. here.


studio lolo said...

Wow, this is really really good Mim! You've nailed the twist in his body! Here's an unsolicited hint if you're going to add color. Fade out the tail a bit to get the depth. The part coming at us should have the most detail and color.
How arrogant to give you advice when you didn't ask! Sorry :)
But it's a perspective tool too.

Debra Kay said...

You did a great job with that fish-and I liked Lolo's advice too, because I was just wondering how to add color to it.

Thumbs up for Mr. Linky.

Barbara/myth maker said...

I think the fish looks great! I think you should definitely join that Mr Linky thing!

Mim said...

MISS lolo - I take all the advice I can get!@! Especially from you.
thanks all, and HAW- I didn't mean to post the other post today but it all just got away from me

katie jane said...

Mim, you are so good at this! I can't believe you are "teaching yourself". You don't have to take many more lessons.

marianne said...

Wow what a great drawing!
The curve really made this special!