Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Friends' Art - a joy to receive

I hope a hyphen doesn't count as a word. I'm been receiving such wonderful ATC's and artwork and want to show it all - or at least most.

A new Corkboard in my studio - I hope you can double click to see the wonderful things I have received. Not everything is on the board yet, but I have two more boards on the side. Always room for more artwork. Not everything is posted yet but will be.

A Cactus-Zentangle from Lynn. Isn't it great? I love the contrast of the green and blue, up lines and cross lines. This works so well.

A watch-duck from Cris. Look at the way he is sitting there, just watching and waiting to see if something happens (what DO ducks wait for?)

A cubism ATC from Soulbrush with three inchies. Firstly the colors in the cubism work so well together, and the inchies - are just adorable. But, I keep saying to myself - NO inchies for you. NOT another thing. No!! (but they are cute)

I got this fish on newspaper a few weeks ago from Laurel and framed it. Itsn't it wonderful?

Now some of my work in process - be interested in your opinions.

Started a new fish watercolor. This is just the basis - they need alot more texture and some context. With a hint from Lolo and DH, the fish in the back is slightly lighter....

This piece I had in B and W for a long time, and have recently started to color it. Again, more texture needed - colored pencils, pastels. We'll see how it works out.

This is a little segment from the picture above - I love those little fish.

When I started into this art journey I bought a whole bunch of those pre-made items from the Michaels store, mainly because I thought they were cute and I thought I'd never be able to draw them. Well, I haven't used them in years and finally gave 95% away the other day. But I kept a few and am using them as props for fun. Here, Miss Em is beginning to learn to play the cello - but she has forgotten her yellow shoes!

Have a happy Saturday!

Post script - just got these beauties from Teri - the frog ATC and two wonderful Moo cards...talented lady that Teri...


Call Me Cate said...

Punctuation doesn't count as a word. Though I think math functions might... Your dash is fine. That's my official ruling.

Besides, you back it up with such lovely visuals! I adore that cactus zentangle and the close up of your little fishies.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing!

soulbrush said...

snap, we are both showing off what our friends have sent us, love the cork board and love seeing my stuff there, and those giggles, did i really do about 190 of those?? we are all raving about your ms em atc cards...thanks so much for personalising them,mine with the pink glasses is fab! it means so much mim. hugs and love ya.

Lynn said...

I am laughing at your sentiments about the "props from Michael's". I was at Joanne's yesterday and pondering over buying "LETTERS" ABCs to add to my ATCs and was quibling over the prices they wanted etc. when finally I said: "Lynn, you are an artist you are supposed to draw or paint the darn letters yourself!" LOL
But your Ms Em and prop is very very cute! I love it.
Just had to share that.

I love your art collection too.
It's always such a shock to see my art on another's blog. It's an "I did THAT?" kind of reaction! Wow.
Thanks for displaying it and commenting too.

Your fish drawings look great to me. I have no suggestions for impromvement perhaps as none is needed.

studio lolo said...

Wow on all your stuff!! I really love how we've connected and then share on our blogs. It really is nice seeing our creations in people's homes. I can't believe you framed my fish! It looks really nice Mim. I'm honored :)

The fish painting is awesome!! I really think fish are your thing.

The painting in progress of Ms. Em balancing over the eels, wowee!! I'm loving that one too. I hope she's careful up there! I really like the treatment of the wall...or is it a band of bubbles that she's balancing on? Either way, it's one of my favorite parts. I enlarged it and took it all in lovingly and admiringly!


kj said...

gee, and all i got this week was this incredible gorgeous perfect handmade quilt by a friend named mim....


katie jane said...

Wow, these card are so nice. I like the way you've displayed them.
Miss Em is so adorable. Clever idea with the props.

Artist Unplugged said...

You and Soul have accumulated quite a beautiful and dear collection. I love Miss Em, she is one talented lady! You have done a great job on those fish, can't find anything to comment on, you must swim like a fish too.....

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is such fun seeing everyones art together and displayed. Mz Em is such a talented lady. I love to see what she is up to. Your fishes are the best. I like to see them in their world as you see them.

Teri C said...

I love your bulletin board idea and all the beautiful art on it!

Your fish are just fantastic. So I am asking, do you actually fish for real fish or just arty fish?!

It IS fun to see our art on someone else's blog!

And yo have made Ms Em FAMOUS!!

kj said...

oh mim, i love the 'prop' for ms. em--it makes your drawing three dimensional and i like that alot.

i hope you are having a wonderful long weekend. earlier today i learned you and i are approx. 2 hours apart. i'll be in ptown early july. maybe..... :)


Lynn said...

I've come back to let you know that I've tagged you for a Meme Mim. It's at the bottom of my Monday's post.

Debra Kay said...

What a great post to come home to-lots of what I've been missing.

BT said...

What a super post. So full of great images, ATCs and your work in progress. I love those little fish. I think the bigger fish are just fine - once they have some surroundings to complete the picture it'll be great. A super post.