Saturday, May 2, 2009

A relaxing day with lots of pictures

We went up to NH yesterday to watch one nephew in a track race and one in a varsity double header. The running nephew wasn't too happy with his time in the race that we saw, but I enjoyed watching him run, and complete the race. Of my book he always comes in first but I understand the realities so didn't say much when talking to him. Poor thing was depressed a bit, who could blame him. Next came the double header - the baseball nephew wasn't playing for the first 5 innings. Finally the coach called him in to pitch, with bases loaded...and he hadn't even warmed up! We all thought it was ridiculous, but what could we do - yell at the coach??? Of course the other team got their guys when we left at the end of the day, prior to the end of the second game, I would expect another depressed nephew. Ah well.... They're too old now to hug away their hurts, or soothe them with kisses and treats but I'm amazed at how much I still wish I could do that. I adore them as grownups - but still miss the babies that they were.

We left at around 4:30 and took the long way home thru little NH towns. First we stopped at the art store in Peterborough and I got these watercolor books. Perfect Miss Em sized books with lovely colors.
I was hoping to do some little antique shopping but everything there closed at 5:00 - just have to save it for another day.

I just had to take a picture of this house - it's so typical New England and I love the house proportions. It's snug looking and close to the ground - just what I like. My first house, the old one, was somewhat similar to this - very cozy - but not a ton of room. But I just get satisfaction from looking at the workmanship and proportions of these houses, and have a collection of photographs of them.

We kept driving and then stopped at a cemetery in New Ipswich - and I had to take some pictures of some of the headstones. First of all, I love to visit old graveyards. I love putting together the family stories - how many kids lived or died? How many wives did that guy have? Here are some interesting ones:

Don't you love this name? Do you think her parents really named her "Sally Scripture" or perhaps that was a moniker given later in life?

Here is her husband - with another strange name. Maybe he got the name "Supply" from being a supply guy in the army - who knows...

The family of John Pratt either had confidence in his final destination, or were giving him directions.

For some reason I liked Betsey's stone - and the name of her husband is so odd. "Heman" - do you think they forgot the "r"?

I like the ones that tell a story - this guy was born in England in 1752,and came to America in 1771 at the age of 19. He died at 77 - a good age for the day. He must have done well in whatever it was he did, because his headstone is pretty elaborate. His wifes' stone was right next to his and all is says is "Mary, wife of James, died on ..." I wonder - did she come from England with him? Did they meet here?
This one caught my eye. If you can't read it it says "Mr Gilman Spaulding, was killed with an ax by an insane brother". No birth date. No listing of a wife or family except the insane brother. And I love the "Mr.". How odd...

Don't you wonder who "Mamie" was? A servant? A slave? A dog? No evidence of anything - just this fairly elaborate headstone. On the bottom it says "He shall gather the lambs with his arms". A child perhaps?

Some "artistic" photos.

Does it sound macabre to walk thru these remote graveyards looking at names and stories? I hope not because to me it is anything but. It's peaceful and quiet yet you still have the human influence - telling stories, leaving their mark behind.

It was a peaceful, relaxing day - just what I needed.


Anonymous said...

Not macabre at all - we bury our dead in such a way because we want them remembered - it is a way of remembering and honoring the memory of those who have come before us.

sukipoet said...

I love walking in graveyards and reading the stones. this was a great tour. did you know Willa Cather was buried in Jaffrey NH and May sarton in Nelson should you ever be driving up that way.

studio lolo said...

I loved this post Mim!
First...sorry about the nephews bummer day. That coach WAS insane in my opinion!

I love that house on typical main street. As beautiful as it is where I live, if you're from N.E. you can't get it out of your bones. There's something about those old houses on tree-lined streets and old cemetaries welcoming strangers. I like the idea of stopping by gravesites like that. You never know if you've been their only visitor in years. I'm looking forward to strolling in some when I come home.

The artsy photos are great! You may have some Halloween fodder there for seasonal ATC's!

Thanks for the day in NH ;)

Mim said...

suki - I didn't know that about Willa Cather, I'll have to find that graveyard. and yes lolo, NE will never be out of my bones - even for a brooklyn girl. Rebecca - you're right, and I like to think that when someone reads these old headstones that their final wishes to be remembered are coming true.

Debra Kay said...

In Dallas, at my last job, my office looked out over a large cemetery, and I loved it. I would stare out over the the headstones when I needed a mental break. They kept it locked, so I couldn't stroll through.

In all my staring I got to know the creatures that lived there, including a family of foxes. I loved those foxes!

ElizT said...

You tell great stories Mim, a pleasure to look at.

Lynn said...

Wow, you and my the gravestone walk...actually yours WAS interesting. All your photos fun to see. Love the slanted stones down the middle half going one way half the other...
Loved all the stories.

Sweet that you could be there for your nephews irregarless of thier wins or losses. that must have felt good to them having you there.

And do enjoy all those art supplies. I need some new books too.

I like your slide show on the right of your ATCs as well. Lots to see here today.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Hi Mim, I sent you an email with my address.. did you not get it? Check your spam. if you didnt get it I will post it here. Nice watercolor books too. Not fond of grave yards myself but I had a friend who with her Mother used to go on a picnic at them. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think old cemeteries are most interesting. A friend of mine just died and he had "I told you I was sick" on his head stone. Yes, he was a character.