Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God-mothers Day too

Sean and Brian were hired to help me clean out the shed. DH negotiated a rate, and they showed up to work on Saturday afternoon. After a delicious lunch we headed out to the crammed full, totally messy shed.

They worked faithfully for hours and at the end I had a gleaming clean and organized garden shed. We took pictures the next morning.

Here they are in front of the garden shed.

"Welcome to our clean shed! "

Clean as a whistle.
Acting normal on the back lawn.

Grace brought the kids up right! On Mothers Day I always get a "God-mother" card - which I love!

Delightful day - best workers I ever had. Got to return them home to NH and had homemade popovers for brunch. WOW.


Teri C said...

These boys did a wonderful job on that shed!! They look like such fun. Good idea on your part.

Hey, will you make an ATC of Ms Em to trade with me? And I will do one for you of whatever you want.

Lynn said...

Delightful kids, glad you have them in your life. They are lucky to have you too!
Nice job on the shed and I like the poem below here too. ;~)

Mim said...

Sure Teri - I'll try. Sometimes she doesn't work on the small format (stubborn gal!)

thanks, Lynn - they are my buddies.

studio lolo said...

First of all....HOUSE ENVY!!!!!!
I can see the start of your squash in the garden already.

What super nephews you have. And they seem like the bestest boys!

That shed would make a nice little art studio ;)

soulbrush said...

they have grown so much since i first saw photos of them,handsome young men now, what darlings....boys are best!!! (except for maggie of course).

Mim said...

Lolo - I love this house. After 20 years in a tiny antique - I still can't get over how much space we have. And yes that shed would make a great summer art place, but it's perennially dusty and dirty from gardening. SB - Maggie is the queen, my boys are the princes.

katie jane said...

It's so nice to find good kids who don't mind a little hard work. And very handsome guys, I might add. I love your shed. Wish mine looked so nice.

Teri C said...

WHOO HOO!!! Tell Ms Em to think small. lol

What would like in return. I am posting some more tomorrow if you want one of them-you have first dibs.

Artist Unplugged said...

How wonderful that these two and you are so close....and very handy!!!! The shed looks great! Boys, they are a treasure for sure.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a cute shed. I love it. What good workers they were too. All looked great afterwards...Even the fun the kids were having. :)

Anonymous said...

help! help!


ElizT said...

They are lucky boys, I think.

marianne said...

What a wonderfful house you have!!
Love it , the color and shape!!!!
What fun to be god mother to these kids!
Lovely Post!