Friday, October 30, 2009

More Miss Em to be posted soon

Hi - just a quick note before work on this drab Friday morning (but it's friday, so that's good right)

I have ordered more softcover Miss Em books, and am trying ones with a spiral binding. When those come in I will see if I like them (I hope so) and will post them.

Meanwhile, I will post the softcovers again (without a picture) and anyone can order them, it's just that it takes a few weeks to get them, as they are Made to Order.


soulbrush said...

yahooo have just ordered one. thanks ms em

Bea said...

I hope they sell ever so well. :)Bea

PAK ART said...

good luck to you...I may have to wait awhile to order a softcover - I'm newer to your blog so am not familiar with all the storis but I thought Miss Em at the women's center getting her annual squeeze was hilarious.

kj said...

i can hardly wait for my ms. em! i am going to show her to everyone i know. even emily says she is going to show it off. even emily!


Lynn said...

publish publish publish mim and em
way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra Kay said...

Mine is ordered and going on that special shelf of books written by people I know!