Thursday, October 15, 2009


In a hotel room last week, with oprah magazine, scissors, and some glue. I have no idea what it is supposed to represent - I just had fun.


studio lolo said...

Mim, I think "Now you see her" is so appropriate for the post KJ did ;)

Tee hee hee!

And my word verif is "dogeto"

MuseSwings said...

Perhaps you were feeling invisible and made a scene. And argued - correctly - that you are very visible. Love it!

Mim said...

muse!!! so smart you are@@@

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very interesting. It looks like a release of power to me.

sukipoet said...

love this. well also a release of control. So many things we want to clench on to, but sometimes we need to open our fist. And let it be.

Lynn said...

The leaf reminds me of Eve in the bible...I wonder if you have lifted the leaf... the fists seem like 1960's "power to the people" fists, maybe women's rights! The open hand says STOP!
The limp hand...relaxed, at peace with herself.
I Love that you took glue and scissosrs to a hotel room! LOL