Friday, October 16, 2009

Rainy Friday

But not raining in my heart - take a look at this post, I am delighted at what a good time we had! What good friends I have. I suggest that we plan this again, and INSIST on a time when Joss and Marianne and Lynn and Teri and Cris and... and... and ....can all come too.

On the home front, we just heard yesterday that MIL is being released today from hospital and going to rehab. Of course we hadn't set up rehab yet, since they were telling us that she needed more surgery. Immediately, urgent surgery. Then they say, oh can do the second procedure when you want. Very Frustrating, but at least she is getting out. DH had to go to Target and buy some clothes, since she only had hospital gowns available. I would have given alot to be a fly on the wall when he bought a packet of panties.

I was supposed to go down again tonight to spend the weekend but am perfectly happy to stay home waiting for him to come home. Poor guy has worked so hard this week, I hope he's ready to come home to freezing, rainy cold weather.

I hope this chapter is closed, we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks, but let me tell you...the last two weeks have been one roller coaster ride after another!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your Dear Husband will be so happy to get home to you and all the comforts of home he won't even notice the weather. I am glad to hear you had such a good time with everyone.

sukipoet said...

the stress when someone so close to you is ill and also so far away is enormous. Glad MIL is moving onward. Hope all goes smoothly.

Renee said...

Looking for things to be going upwards dear Mim.

Thank you for the giant heart comment now I know why my body is so big, it is so my heart can fit into it. har har


Teri C said...

Good news on your MIL.

Got photos from your fun visit?

Artist Unplugged said...

Catching up, I'm not sure where the get together was but I WANT TO BE AT THE NEXT ONE! Good to hear that your MIL is on the mend and ready for the next step of improvement. Some nursing/rehab homes are such a piece of ****! My mother was in one that my brothers and I despised but we kept her there to be near the hospital where she would have radiation and it was temporary but even that was too long......hope your hubby has safe travels home, he won't mind the weather. Loved your illustration of the lizard on the windshield...ha,ha,ha! Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

What post are you referring to Mim, this one or some other about the get together in PT?

Continuing to wish MIL well. Your DH too, my how hard this must have been for you all and it's not exactly over yet, is it? Glad you were able to stay home this trip.

Tee hee, him buying panties for his mom. LOL

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I am so happy your MIL is getting into rehab and out of the hospital. I hope everything goes well for her there. I loved the photos of you with the group in PT doing everything with them. What great friends to include you. :)

PAK ART said...

Good to hear that your MIL is doing better and making progress. I just read the most enjoyable story about you on Studio Lolo's blog. It was heeee-larious!

kj said...

so now everyone knows how wild and fun you are on vacation. honest to god, mim, you made us laugh two hundred times.

so i guess we'll be meeting midway somewhere. good!

i hope rehab goes well. so far it sounds like your mil is improving nicely. i'm so glad.

love love