Monday, November 23, 2009

Drawing on the plane

Drawings done on the plane ride down. Strange scanner down here does not capture the whole image even tho it does appear to fit on the scanner bed.

First one is a strange late night TV Codfish Host introducing a new "Starfish-lette" in the recognized tradition of my fishy subjects. Second one is an odd couple, Aquaman and Medusa, taking a walk on the beach. Her head is supposed to show, but I think you can still see the snake hair ponytail.

What can I tell you? Plane rides are boring!

MIL is in hospital, has to have more surgery for a collapsed lung. She's in great spirits and this will be a bit of a setback but we'll deal with it. Weather down here in "sunny" florida is overcast and cool. So....oh well.

Hope you are all well. I miss boring, I really do. I'm tired of excitement and changes.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your drawings are anything but boring. At least you had time to just sit in the plane. I hope your MIL does ok with this surgery. Nothing like a little medical drama to stir into the holiday cauldron.

Debra Kay said...

Mim, you know how much I adore how your mind works, right? Because you are great corporate success AND have an artistic mind, it gives me hope that one too, I might just be Ok. Not in the corporate world, I'm done with that. Just the world in general would be fine with me.

Hugs to you and your family, prayers for MIL.

Renee said...

Oh my God Mim. I want oblivion bad. When I get the drugs I will mail you seven.

Thinking of your MIL.


sukipoet said...

hope MIL does well w/new issues. Sounds very stressful. Sometimes boring is a treasure. Take care of yourself in the midst of all this.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Nice work and nice how you keep occupied on a plane ride. Do people ever peek over your shoulder to see what you are doing? :)
Sorry about your MIL.. hope things go well with her and you. .

Bea said...

Hugs for you family and I will keep your MIL in my prayers and meditations. It's solid FOG here.
Kinda nice, kinda creepy, too.

Lynn said...

I hear you about wanting boring. The kind of excitement you are having we can do without.
I do hope MIL gets through this next round well and quickly.
I also hope you are able to enjoy the family there and time together even if the sun is not shining in many ways.
I think your crazy drawings are great. A good way to pass the time and create yet the beginnings of another book perhaps?

Wishing you a good delicious heart warm Thanksgiving. Hugs.

Oh dear, my word verification is
"losedr"...hope this doesn't happen.

Baino said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL but at least while she's in hospital she can't talk to you 'directly' you might get some Mim time after all. Sending you happy thoughts and well wishes for the holiday.

studio lolo said...

Mim, are you taking your MIL's drugs? Put them back right now!

Aquaman and Medusa woman? Okay.

We miss you and don't want you to feel any stress. Come home right now!

Word verif=aquent

pretty watery dontcha think?
I guess Aquaman and medusa woman were meant to be ;)

PAK ART said...

You do have a curious mind....I wonder what your dreams are like? I love the fish-people, very unique. Here's praying that you MIL will come through safely and that you will have an enjoyable time despite the rest of them!

Renee said...

kisses xxx


kj said...

And hugs xxx


soulbrush said...

you have had enough excitement to last a lifetime, i wish boring upon you really soon. hope all goes well mim, and i do so love your doodles, all of them, plane rides or not.

BT said...

We're up to our necks in wet and floods!! Not in our cottage thankfully but I can hear it hammering down outside again. I hope your MIL goes through the surgery ok. Love the plane sketches, such fun!!