Sunday, November 29, 2009


I came home today, but left DH down in Florida to continue being there for his mom - who is just today getting transferred to BIG city hospital for them to decide what the next steps are. Surgery? Watch and wait? - who knows! Poor MIL, having to spend a week in the hospital with really nothing to show for it. Hopefully they will resolve things this week, but we'll just have to take it day by day. Despite it being a good week for her, and a "holiday" week for us - we are both exhausted and grouchy. I feel bad for DH having to stay down there, but we're going to have to take turns with her for the next few weeks.

So, came home mid-day today and got to work on the Girlfriend books that came right before I left. Here are pages for 4 of the 5 books that I received, the other one is drying downstairs.

Suki's page

Karen C page

Joss page

Bab's page

Lynn's page is drying. These will go out to Suki this week - awesome work in there ladies- just amazing.

I have to catch up on/with friends, emails, blogs, posts, etc etc, so will see you all soon.

I've missed you all,


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. you got all this done that fast? All are very nice. Sorry about your MIL. I hope things get taken care of this week for sure. Very hard being so far from her. Hang in there.

PAK ART said...

I can not believe you were able to get so much art done! amazing! Hope to hear soon that your MIL is better and able to be back at home so you and DH can settle back into life at home.

Lynn said...

Oh your creative juices were bursting at the seams ready to fill those pages...and mine is drying! Can't wait to see!!!!
These are all terrific. Would love to hear more about your thoughts and techniques, but know you are on overload so forget I asked that.

Sending positive energy for MIL and YOU and YOUR DH.

marianne said...

You are one busy lady!!!
Just back and 5 books waiting for you!! Oh my....
The pages are gorgeous! Suki's one with the house, everybody seems to put her dreamhouse in it :)
Love that page with the feather. Wish I could make collages....they are always so magical, I will try one day.
Now you rest up dear because you never know when busy times are there again.

Have a nice day!

Debra Kay said...

Mim, I've missed you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Welcome home Mim. Your creative juices must have been stewing while you were away. Great work.

soulbrush said...

so glad you're back, i worry about you and your health rushing about like this, hope during xmas you will get some r+r time for YOU. love love love all these you have done. wowser, you have been busy. LOVE MY PAGE thanks sooo much mimsie.

studio lolo said...

oh my, these are all, all.....delicious!! Yes, that's the right word to describe these.

Are you sure that raven/crow feather isn't coming to my house? ;)

Love the portals on bab's page and the wonderful colors and layers and housewith wings for Suki.
Awesome job!!

Praying for you, DH and MIL...and also praying I see you friday!

sukipoet said...

gosh these are all wonderful. I adore my page, but I love them all. You have been busy and I have a large package to look forward to I guess. I am just finishing up Lisa's page from the other round robin event. I look fwd to these and also to getting my own book back!!! Hey, that's pretty cool.

Karen said...

Wow! You have been very busy. And with all that is going on in your life you managed to turn out such beauties!!! I LOVE my page! Excited to see that it is nearly home to me now! Wonderful!