Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday morning - SO tired

I got back late last night from PEI, had a good trip there and worked hard. More work today, a full day, and this weekend I have an overnight trip with 3 longtime, loved girlfriends. Last year the 4 of us spend the weekend on Martha's vineyard - and we had a great time. This year, because none of us had time to plan, or money to spend, we are spending the weekend in NH at one girlfriends house. But we are going to go to the Quilt museum in Lowell, eat and drink and talk and maybe watch a movie. I'm going to look up how to get supplies for Fish Printing - and maybe we'll buy a whole fish and give it a try.

The problem is that I am exhausted, not so much physically as mentally. This year, which is coming to a close, has been tough. Dad died, watching over mom and her shenanigans, working with lawyers, MIL getting sick, just found out that my Brother in law has cancer, and no time for vacation for DH and I....which we need. We haven't been able to prioritize ourselves. Personal space and time is on the backburner, hence I have become less social, more introverted - to try to get the time I need to least batteries. Yes, we have done alot of great bike rides, but they have been rather desperate ones and are squeezed into any space that we have.

Believe me, I know that I have tremendous blessings. DH is healthy, BIG blessing. I'm healthy, so is most of my family - much to be thankful for. But honestly, we need time away together, without family obligations or worries. I guess that's asking for the moon when you have elderly parents - isn't it?

So, instead, I am off with my girls - will have a great time, but there is a piece of me that will be home, wishing I was lying in bed on a Sunday morning, the two of us home alone.

PostScript: Odd thing just happened. I got an apology and 25000 miles from Delta Airlines for a delayed trip. I don't even remember the circumstances! But, maybe this is a message - 25K miles is a free trip - if DH and I can find someplace we'd want to go via commercial options - this makes it cheaper. WooHoo!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope your weekend will be rejuvenating. I also hope you and your DH use those miles to get away.

kj said...

mim, i know the feeling. it's called depletion. i hope your weekend away turns out to be as much fun as your (our) weekend in ptown and mim, book a flight with DH. or even the balsams in nh? you both deserve it times a million.

and about some other friends: soon, when things are settled, we will see how one another smiles.

love to you always.

Bea said...

You have much work to do on this side of the veil, those who work with you on the other side can often help in unexpected ways. Take their gift and fly some place wonderful with DH, recharge, renew and then you can do the work with joy. :)Bea

sukipoet said...

the free airmiles is an omen, an invitation, for you and DH to enjoy.

Hope your girlfriends weekend is fun.

Have you ever been to the store in Chatham where they do fish print T-shirts?? They may also have some kind of instructional things, I can't recall.

my WV word is stalla.

studio lolo said...

Mim, did I send you the article on the artist here who does fish printing and has a shop? Her work is wonderful (but pricey!)

I need time with my DH too. I feel like we've been caught in a vaccuum.

Have fun with the girls. I almost cancelled a few times but I'm so glad I went to Ptown.

Those airline miles are pennies from heaven...and a sign ;)


marianne said...

No wonder you are tired.......
Glad you can see your vblessings as well and that PS! What a sign. Plan something nice, you both need it.

Have a good weekend

Lynn said...

so sorry to hear about your BIL having cancer. I hope it is something that can be made well from.

I feel your tiredness just reading about all of this years woes Mim.
Definately time for you and DH to regroup and be together doing something special you'll both enjoy.
How wonderful for the Universe/Delta to provide at this time.

Hope you'll enjoy your girlfriend time as well.

Teri C said...

I hope and pray you get your batteries recharged and you get back on the road to happiness.

soulbrush said...

you see, you see, there is always a bit of cheer round the next corner. dearest mim, find that special time for you and dh, don't put it off any longer. xx

Renee said...

Mim have fun with the girls.

But I completly get what you mean. It is like if someone said here are tickets for around the world, I'd be like not now.

I am sorry to hear about your brother in law.


katie jane said...

Go for it!! Grab it while you can, before something else happens! Squeeze it in somewhere, but go.
You sound ragged and I know how that feels. Our trip to the mountains was our first vacation in three years! So needed.

Have a fun weekend with your girlfriends. Looking forward to hearing what you did.

Baino said...

I'm going a way to Melbourne on the 20th with my three best girlfriends, can't wait! 25,000 miles that's a return trip to OZ with a domestic flight in between. Shame Delta don't fly down here you could recharge by the pool!

Debra Kay said...

I was thinking of something similar the other day-how I just grab time to be with my loved ones-and how maybe it should really be the other way around-we spend time with our loved ones and grab time to work.

And it's not a work outside the home thing-my mom will "grab a few minutes" to sit and have coffee with me, but you can tell she'd rather be cleaning the kitchen floor. Human beings are strange (or maybe i'm just not very good company)

Michele said...

Wow, talk about getting exactly what you need, when you need it : )