Saturday, February 20, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My Heart is Breaking for Renee

we all knew this was coming someday
it's coming too soon.

no real "goodbyes" said
no last words
no Hollywood ending

just misery and pain
surrounded by much love

This all just doesn't make sense, it really doesn't.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sorry for Renee's pain and the struggle to die. I am sorry for your pain as well. ((hugs))

kj said...

my darling mim, you know in some real way renee will never die. she is leaving her pain, mim, and she will be herself again, all that love soon raining down on us.

i understand last night for the first time that renee actually wrote her final post to us already. it is on her blog, all that bright hopeful color.

you know i grieve deeply. i know you do too.

together strong. ♥

Chrisy said...

I cannot believe that she will soon not be with us...that when I write a blog post, she won't be there always with a comment that shows she knows exactly how I'm feeling what I'm thinking. But how lucky I've been to have felt her love. So lucky. My love across the miles to you dear Mim.

studio lolo said...

I think we've all been trying to hold this dam back for a long time.
It was bound to burst and change our lives.

What an amazing force Renee is.
Grace personified a million times.

I'm one of many that will never be the same without her presence.

Big hugs Mim. You've had a rough ride yourself lately and this news doesn't help.


Mary said...

so sorry...

soulbrush said...

my heart is aching too, met her through kj, and have loved her for so long.

Mim said...

I started out liking Renee and being intrigued by her comments. As I got to know her, I started to learn so much more about being human, being graceful, laughing and crying at the same time. What a lady...what a family...and what a family of friends she has.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...

I can imagine what she's going through, and it's simply heartbreaking...

Jos said...

Isn't it amazing how many lives Renee has touched? KJ is right though, Renee is becoming herself again. She is going to walk on the beach with Daisy, Sheldon and her Dad. She will be waiting with open arms for Jacquie when her time comes ... I suspect she'll be waiting with open arms for you too when eventually that day arrives.

We'll miss her, but she'll be having a blast!! I'm sending you a hug. Knowing it isn't anything like enough. But anyway. xx

Lynn said...

Well, I did not know Renee, or her blog. I am just learning about her from all of you who do know her.
I did go to her blog just now and learned a bit about her condition, her loving family, and her.
It's terribly sad. And I just hope she knows how fortunate she is to have had all of you who know and love her in her life. You are a wonderful group of humanity, who I feel fortunate to know and be a part of...I only wish this love could heal cancer. Maybe one day it will.

Debra Kay said...

Love is never wasted, and it never ends. Rest easy Renee, rest easy Mim, each in your own way.

Annie said...

Mim, I know this sucks. I miss Renee so much already, but I also know that death is an illusion.
Renee will be with us always.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I am not one to believe on angels watching us, but I will always feel Renee's touch in my life...

Cat said...

hearts breaking and tears around the world...she is a phenomenal woman and so many of us have been blessed to get to know her. Me, for a very short time but one that has changed me forever. For that, I am truly thankful.

Hugs to you Mim and to Renee's family and multitudes of friends around the globe.

My heart is breaking too.

Michele said...

Mim, this is so sad. First I met Layla Grace who is only two years old and dying from cancer and now I meet Renee. It has been a very sad week and much prayer is needed for all.

Baino said...

No it doesn't make sense. And not having said goodbye is difficult. I just take heart that she's in good hands with good people around her and thinking of her. Terribly sad for everyone.

Call Me Cate said...

I've stumbled across Renee's story on a couple of blogs in the last few days. So very sad. My thoughts are with her and hers.