Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine weekend - not so romantic!!

Last year we (mr. DH and I) went away for Valentines weekend - we went to Martha's vineyard and stayed in a B&B and had a lovely time. We got home on Sunday night, must have been the 15th. On the 16th I got a 6:00 am phone call from my brother that Dad was in the hospital; I rushed down to Florida - DH a few hours behind me and we had a day and 1/2 with Dad before he passed on the 19th - at home, surrounded by his family.

This weekend I decided to come down to see mom and have a girly weekend, no boys allowed, no one to cook for or worry about. I booked my tickets and right before I left DH seemed better from the cold and bronchitis that he's had for 3 weeks - no temp finally - aha - off I went.

But yesterday DH was back at the Dr. with a fever again - here I am in Florida worrying about someone who is far away. Should I go home..or should I stay? That's not really a question, just a replay of what is going thru my head. If he still has a fever today, I will head home. If not..I'm going to try to stop worrying and let him be for a few days.

And, right before I left we found out that a close friend has terminal cancer - I think he's in his mid 40's or so. Nicest guy in the world..and I really mean that. He is the kind of guy who speaks the way he lives and it's all truth. I literally trust this guy with our lives...he is our airplane mechanic - and I truly, truly trust him. So it was sad and devastating to hear about his cancer which, as usual - came out of the blue.

And a bit worried about Grapes and her mom - love to them both.

And Renee - so worried about her and feeling for her and her family. Sucks!!!

Whew - this post started out as a "here I am, see ya when I get back" post; but I can see my anxiety showing thru. Sorry to dump but what the heck!!!

To look on the good side:
I'm with my mom on Valentines day, (her first without dad and he always got her something) and that ain't so bad. Hopefully DH won't have a temp today and I won't have to rush home. The day is cloudy here so it'll be good for a level bike ride later on today and MIL is doing well.

Hope you all have a good day and find loving hearts ready for kisses and hugs. Be well!! If you think prayer works...please pray for my friend Bob...and for Renee

PostScript: it's cold here in Florida but the early morning walking is great, power workout music helps. DH sounds better, MIL is doing well....and I'm going home tomorrow night!!!


studio lolo said...

I was just thinking about you and how "quiet" you've been.

I hope DH is feverless today and it on the mend. I had no idea he was a transplant patient. Wow! One more reason to be a health nut;) Good for him...he's in my prayers too.

I'm glad you're with your mom and that MIL is doing well. I hope the 19th will come and go without much sadness, just fond memories. It's a hard day for me too, my mother's birthday.

I'm sorry to hear about your dear friend. F-ing cancer! What's the point and where does it come from??? I have no use for things with no redeeming value. Like fleas.
I'll keep him and his loved ones in my prayers, and always Renee.

Enjoy the bike ride. Eat lots of chocolate first and then rationalize it with that exercise ;)

Happy Heart Day Mim!

sukipoet said...

Whatever the outcome you will have spent the day w/your mom. Hope DH's temp goes down. Sending prayers for all who are ill. Hard times. Do fit in the bike ride.

kj said...

dear gods, goddesses, and executive director of the universe:

my friend mim has had too many upheavals. it is not fair that she plans something and then can't really relax because something happens and she is pulled in two or more directions.

please consider this an official request that mim can stay put where ever she wants for the next six months and no surprises will take place.

thank you very much.

ms. kj

ps word verf is reest: rest with the proper emphasis. i take that as an official response.

Lynn said...

Well, all I can say is that your post makes me want to cry.
That is too much sadness for one person to carry alone, so wish I was there with you...helping somehow. Sad memories, scary now prayers,yes, prayers, Refuah Slema for DH's health! for your dear friend with cancer...for Renee and her family...hugs for your mom who is without her sweetie on Valentines Day for the first time; thank goodness she has you!!!! (((((((((((warm hugs)))))))
from me!
Big Sigh~!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I will keep you all in my prayers. Happy Valentines Day. Try to stay positive. ((hugs))

PAK ART said...

I do believe in the power of prayer so I will do what I can for you...pray! And express my sympathy for someone who seems so kind and caring and carries so many burdens. I pray for your peace of mind, rest and good news to come your way.

soulbrush said...

mimsie i am so sorry that yet again this is all falling on top of your head. seems all wrong, the whole thing, including the cancer, but now it is monday and i am hoping that dh is much much better, and you are safely home and resting (probably in a dark room!)

Miri said...

Hope DH is better soon! Glad you got to spend some time with your Mom.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh my, how things sometime spiral out of our control, but by the end of your post, looks like things are smoothing out and not getting's hard to be pulled in 2 directions, when you are needed on opposite sides of the country, but once again, you did it and have love to share...

ElizT said...

That sort of stuff is a blight.
With regard to Lolo's comment, I would rather have fleas than cancer.