Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thankful Sunday

Sunday seems as good a day as any to catch up on thanks for all of the wonderful goodies that I have been receiving from you lovely people. In no particular order - let me show you my booty!

A few months ago, I went down to Rhode Island to meet up with Lolo and KJ - this was orchestrated between KJ and me, and was a surprise for lolo - who had never actually met me in person. I got so f***ing lost that I was about 45 mins late, but finally found the place after calling KJ a dozen times and her pretending that I was a delivery person etc, etc. Anyway, Lolo opened the door and was like "may I help you?" as I stood there grinning and then recognition bloomed, she yelled "MIM" and hugs started.

Lolo has this adorable little dog named Emma who is way low to the ground and cute as a button. I was warned that she was a bit of an ankle biter, but I paid that no mind, and within a few minutes she was happily sitting on my lap, putting her head on my shoulder and snuggling - there was NO ankle biting. Lolo took a picture of us together and sent it to me in this terrific altered card. I don't know what the pooch on the front looked like originally, but lolo altered it to look just like Emma.

Inside is this little magnet thing that has a picture of me and mean, little Emma. Doesn't she look fierce (NOT)
Lolo recently sent out my D for Dinghy (gorgeous innit?) and included an ATC that I had lusted after called Spines and Shadows. I love surprise presents!

Thank you Miss Lolo, treats, treats, treats!!!

I am involved in a Postcard Art Exchange, which is great fun. We make postcard art and sent it out to someone on a list and in the end you have 12 pieces of little lovely artwork. So, the ever talented Lynn sent me this thread painted postcard.

The amazing thing is that Lynn took a fish picture of mine and computerized it somehow and then threadpainted it. Can you believe this? I was stunned when I saw it, that girl is SO creative and talented. (please note, the orange dot in on my scanner and wouldn't come off, it's not in the item) Lynn also knows that I love old postcards, and have a huge collection, so she sent me this 1935 doggie card.

Thank you Lynn, these are such treats

In the postcard exchange I also have received this amazing hand painted card from Marianne - can you believe this? It's just wonderful in person, a little work of art - she does such amazing work. I remember first "meeting" Marianne and her Mandalas - which are wonderful and gorgeous. But seeing her other work, her outdoor scenes or paintings of animals - this is one talented watercolor artist!!

I also received A is for Alligator from Marianne - I love him, since I always manage to see one or two of these guys when I am in Florida - I have a fondness for Alligator artwork.

I have been receiving wonderful ATC's for our second round of ABC ATC's around the World. I got E for Earwig from Gina; C for Caribou from Patty (all cut out is that caribou, can you imagine that detail work!) and Vav from Lynn.
My B for Buddha is from Soulbrush, he is an adorable skinny Buddha and he came in this wonderful.....
...Snuffles card! Snuffs with flowers in her everywhere. It is so cute to have this little card of adorable Snuffs!!!
I have more to post, but will do it at a later date. I'm embarrassed at how behind I am in Thanks but you all know I LOVE my presents and everyday jump on the mail to see what goody is coming my way.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow it is such fun seeing all of these small works of art. Your meeting with the girls sounds like fun and we will now find it difficult to believe that Emma is an ankle biter.

studio lolo said...

:) :) :) I love my dog!!

The dog on the card was a blonde chihuahua. It was really hard to paint on that glossy card. It kept rubbing off! It worked well enough that you knew it was supposed to be here :)

I love all your other things too. I just commented at GG about the postcards. Wow!

You and Marianne travel the most so it must be a blast to open so much fun mail when you get home.
Yay! You deserve it ;)

Annie said...

These are wonderful gifts and you and Kj and lolo are so lucky to live so close and be able to visit.
I live so far from everyone!

marianne said...

Such wonderful things Mim!
Glad my card arrived without much damage.
I painted it after an old vintage postcard, since I know you love old cards.
That card of Emma in the blinds is a hoot!!!!!!
Snuffels with those flowers.......I just coiuld eat her up! Lolo did a wonderful job on making those cards too.
Well and your altered fish are amazing!
I know this feeling of beeing behind....... :(
Now I am trying to catch up but before I know I have to leave again and everything starts all over again.........

take care Mim!

Teri C said...

Oh gosh Mim, each one is so perfect and beautiful!! Lolo's Emma is a doll and I love the altered look. Wow, what wonderful mail art!!!!!

Debra Kay said...

I love fun mail-I'm bad not to post it-I usually save my mail for a couple of weeks anyway. I opened Christmas/Holiday cards while I watched the hound classes at Westminster. I do better with holidays when they are over with and the pressure is off.

Emma is a cutie-Greta sends her love to her Celestial Twin. Molly, my red border collie-has a doppleganger in Brea California and they correspond regularly on Facebook now. Baci is a little bit leggier than Molly-but the faces are exactly the same and they both love soccer. (Ok, not a big stretch that one-border collies liking balls.....LOL)

soulbrush said...

oh mim you are looking so well in that photo. what a great surprise for lo,i would give anything to meet her. what lovely goodies. enjoy them. hope you can stop for long enough to enjoy being at home again.

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing all the art, some fun/funny; some sentimental, some beautiful! All great.
Glad you liked the fish and other card too.
Hope you are settling in again and feeling more normal.

Baino said...

Lovely booty indeed.Especially the hand made stuff. I have a pack of little motivational cards that kj sent me at Christmas and read one a day! So sweet.

Michele said...

These are all so wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I needed something pretty to brighten up my gray day : )

Susan said...

Hi Mim, I just found out about your blog from Lolo - we meet through Illustration Friday. Not surprisingly, I've met lots of other great gals that know you too. I noticed Animal Wednesday, on Lolo's blog and she told me to contact you about it. I was wondering if I might be able to particpate since I'm a huge animal lover! I completely understand if you want to keep it closed, but just thought I'd ask. Thanks for considering! Emma is on my slideshow guestbook and is such a doll!

Cheers! Susan

Katiejane said...

What bounty you have! So fun! And your visit with Lolo souuns like fun, too. Very nice collection of art.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

What a great collection you have here. I love how Lolo altered that dog in the window. I cant figure how she did it but its great as are all the the other art pieces.

Chrisy said...

What a lovely week you had with your gifts in the mail. They're all such precious little works of art...