Thursday, April 15, 2010


We are going away this weekend to the much looked forward to wedding of a very close cousins son. It's a large wedding at a big hotel and you all know that I've been obsessing about what to wear etc etc etc. So, to make myself feel better I packed two dresses that are both good as well as stuff for the rest of the weekend. As usual, I pack my entire house in a small suitcase - it is bulging. I have another small bag with essentials, like hair stuff and drawing pens and paper and a knitting project. I will bring my small work computer - just in I feel comfortable that I have everything I need and won't be wishing I had brought something else - you know the feeling.

So then why...WHY...did I stay up practically all night obsessing that I was bringing too much stuff with me. The suitcases danced around in front of me in dreams - popping open at the wrong time and stuff spewing all around. I couldn't pick up my small bag - it was as heavy as lead. In my dreams I felt weighted down, overwhelmed with "stuff", couldn't keep track of it all.

So you tell me - why can't I leave home without carrying everything with me...yet at the same time want to be free as a bird, envying those who travel light.

I confuse myself.

Gotta go unpack.....


sukipoet said...

Hmmm. We do make dilemmas for ourselves. I know you travel quite a bit and think that by now you must be pretty good at packing. You could leave the computer behind and take a vacation from all that. Sounds like you have some kind of anxiety about the trip though will the dreams.

Hope it all works out for you and that you have a great time at the wedding. Remember, all eyes will be on the bridge and groom, not, alas yourself. in the end, most important is to have fun.

Lori ann said...

i think traveling light defintely takes practice. it's the same thing i do with everything, edit, edit, edit. have you heard that rule, lay everything out your going to take, and then put half back?
one thing that helps me is first deciding which bag to take. then whatever fits in there is all i bring. (plus a carry on). less is best for me.

ArtistUnplugged said...

It is so hard to decide what goes....trying to prevent what probably has been experienced before...wish I had brought my......oh well, pick one thing that you want to work on the most and take you have to bring the laptop? Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Mim said...

since we are going in our small plane - I only bring my computer in case I have to stay there an extra day and work from a hotel. Not the best alternative but one has to keep up!

Teri C said...

I know what you mean about packing too much. I have finally learned to pack very little and if I need something I can buy, borrow or wash it. Of course I always have room for my art supplies! lol

Have a great time and bring back photos please.

Lynn said...

Okay, I am curious. Did you really UNPACK and what did you leave behind?

My DH packs so little I wonder if he will have clothes to wear anywhere, but his spiel is "I can buy it when I get there!"

I try to not take hair products (will buy them or use the ones at the hotel or house I am visiting); try to take few clothes as possible, I'll wash them or rewear them; but I can relate to much of what you say...maybe it's like taking our "security"/ our home/ with us on our backs. Like turtles in the pretty card you sent me recently...we'd be naked without our "shell".

studio lolo said...

I usually end up using one tenth of what I pack. It's nice to know I have company!

Have a wonderful time Mim!

Perhaps your heavy baggage is a metaphor for taking on too much ;)


AtelierBrigitte said...

Your story sounds familiar... and afterwards you find that you've only used 10% of the things you dragged with you.

Have fun with the wedding!

ElizT said...

I try never to take luggage, just a carry-on; spend weeks happily planning the few multi-purpose garments.Frequently spill something down me on the first day but that's one of the risks of the sport.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Just think of is worse if you drive someplace. I will never forget the look on my BILs face when he looked at me and said "you brought how many suitcases for the weekend?" You "need" all that stuff. Don't feel guilty. Get some sleep tonight. Have a good time.

Robin said...

I am the "Queen" of taking everything with ex used to say "There is NO WAY you are going to need all those things.."
But, I like to be prepared for anything! And, Mim, you have a plane! Bring it all!

Have fun - enjoy!


♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Will be interesting to hear what you left behind. We always think we will use more then we really do. but... we pack it anyway in case this is that one time we will need it all. LOL Have a fab time.

PAK ART said...

I've been having fun catching up! Have great fun at the wedding - I hope you have exactly what you need. I pack light because I flew for so many years on passes (my mother and my husband both used to work for airlines). I learned to only take a carry-on because I hated to count on stuff in a suitcase and then it wouldn't show up! There were times I wished I had more with me though!

kj said...

i can't figure it either, mim. i rarely get it right. but worse i'm not even consistent. sometimes i pack too much and just as often too little.

but i always take my colored pencils and a sketchbook. do you?
(as if i couldn't guess)

lori, who btw i love, made me laugh. i don't know about you but i could just see my trying to but half my clothes away.

love love mim
guess who

Katiejane said...

I've discovered the secret: there are stores everywhere, and if you didn't bring it, you can buy it!