Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring/Summer Woes

I am grabbing a minute of time to blog cause I miss it, miss you all. It seems like days/weeks since I really put my heart and soul into a post...and it ain't gonna be today either because I am in the midst of the dreaded "change clothes closets from winter to summer" misery.

Here are bags of sweaters and pants and jackets and more sweaters and other stuff waiting in one of those suck-the-air-out bags. I love those when they work, it's like magic seeing everything go so flat. I have been doing this since last night and have a big bag of goodies to give away.

But the weekend was lovely. First off (drum roll please) I met KJ for dinner on Friday night. We met halfway between our houses for a lovely Italian dinner in a delightful restaurant. We sat and talked...and talked...and talked. For hours, finally paying the bill and leaving about 2 hours after I thought we would leave. It truly was a lovely evening...and no..I don't have a photo. And I had brought my camera...there was just too much talking going on to stop and record the event.

KJ had hit alot of traffic trying to meet me, and was about 1/2 hour late. Sooo....I stopped at a shoestore and bought these sneakers. I couldn't resist the rhinestones. I know that they are really for 14 year olds, but I love them...and had to have there.

The area where we were meeting is famous for antique stores so I got to the area early and stopped at a few stores. I was looking for a different piece of jewelry to wear to a wedding in a few weeks and found this celluloid flower necklace. I love it, it's so different !

The flowers are a bit soft-like but not completely squishy. It's from the 40's and I really think it's so much fun. Now, I will have to wear a black outfit or find something that matches this necklace. Does anyone with sense do that? Match your clothes to a necklace? I have a few weeks to organize myself for this task...but now...BACK TO THE CLOSET CLEANING BINGE!!!!


Cat said...

14 yr. olds? who says? I love them, if you like them and are comfortable in them then they are for YOU! ;)

have fun with that closet task, you know us closet all year! :)

Katiejane said...

I hate switching clothes around. Up and down the basement steps I go. And just as soon as I get them all switched the weather reverses!
Does your necklace go with your new sneakers? Just kidding, but I like both. Antique stores have really neat finds if you look for them. Glad you had so much fun with KJ.

studio lolo said...

Oh Mim, those sneakers would be a nice addition to my sneaker collection ;)

Size 7 by any chance?

And I agree with Katie, the necklace looks good with the sneaks!

And yes, I have totally planned outfits around a piece of jewelry. Who doesn't!

I'm so glad you ladies had such a nice time. I was there in spirit ;)
Besides, I can never get a word in edgewise with you know who!
Yes, Emily, of course!

As far as clothes and closets go, I still have most of my clothes in boxes because I can't bear to face the task of sorting, tossing and putting away.
It's really sad.

Okay...back to work you go!


hahahaha! Word veri is 'empti'

so get going!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love the shoes and the necklace. I can see several possibilties to wear that necklace with. Red,burgandy, pink. tad yellow ish cream. not white for a wedding but cream. Look forward to seeing what you pick.

Lynn said...

How fun that you got together with KJ!!! I am happy for the two of you!
And the shoes! Did you wear them to your meet up? I love them and am so glad your 14 yr old parts went and bought them. Your older parts can enjoy them too, obviously! I want some too. And I am way older than both your 14 and older parts!!! LOL

As for the necklace just be sure what ever you get has a scooped low neckline to really show this beauty off!

Oh fun, my word is "debit" it.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Oh how fun! Shopping, meeting, bringing both physical and mental souvenirs home with you! I would say that necklace could go with anything from a sundress made out of an old tablecloth print, to a peach organza fluttersleeve girly dress to jeans a pink v-neck T shirt...

kj said...

so then mim, i.....

oh....where did you go?

i could have danced all night, mim.

does everyone know you are the real deal wonderful interesting smart and fun person and great friend? yes, i sure everyone already knows.,,,

those sneakers are fabulous!

Lori ann said...

i think it sounds like a lot of work, luckily you have a darling necklace and new shoes to keep you happy!

how fun you got to meet with kj, i can only imagine what a good time you both had. i was hoping for a photo, but i always do that same thing, forget to take them!

Robin said...

Mim - how fantastic that you and KJ met! It HAD to be a wonderful (and talkative) evening. Darn....would have loved a picture!

The shoes are GRRREAT! The necklace is a treasure... and of course, you can wear them together!
(Or not...) Many great possibilities!

Best of luck with your "Spring Cleaning"....


♥ Robin ♥

Baino said...

Aww I'm so jealous that you got to splash spaghetti sauce around with kj! And we all need a little bling. I bought earrings once then had to buy an outfit to match! And good luck with the sucky bags, I used them once but the air eventually leaked in and they jam packed the top of my wardrobe . . so I've become a tosser!

ArtistUnplugged said...

I don't envy you on that task. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful time! Like the shoes and necklace....Cris has some good color suggestions, I think a taupe would be nice too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those shoes will make you feel 14 when you wear them. They are so cute. Of course one can match a piece of clothing to a necklace. That will be a fun project.

kj said...

after additional serious thought, i want those sneakers. they will help my aspiring babe status.

so i will arrive a half hour early next time so i can buy a matching pair.

next time.....yay!

i love you, mim!

Mim said...

These sneakers are definite immediate babe status. But my nephews, conservative boys that they are, are horrified at the thought of their aunt wearing Ed Hardy rhinestone sneakers. Isn't that funny???? I plan to wear them continually when I am with those wonderful kids.